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Video Marketing Strategies that help your Brand succeed

in Arts and Entertainment / Television by Joe Pan on 07/20/2017

In the last few years Video Marketing has garnered traction to be considered as an inventive medium to reach out to customers. Videos stand out everywhere such as on YouTube, Social Media giving customers a swift synopsis of the product/service without overloading them with text. Through a short, visually appealing video a customer can get the information he requires in a very less time. Thanks to the advancement in technology, as now it‘s easier than ever to create a video at a very less cost. Businesses can now use smartphone cameras or hire a corporate video production in Mumbai to make corporate or explainer videos. Despite all this, you still require to cautiously plan a strategy for the video marketing activities to get to the most of your targeted audience. Let‘s have a look at some of the video marketing strategies you can include.

Short Videos

Social Media has been a great boon to the online marketing industry as it has been nothing short of a revolution.  
It has changed the way people communicate with each other online with brief statements, thus getting over the traditional longer forms of content. If you need short videos, say for less than 10 seconds then make use of micro video apps as these apps make the videos perfect for sharing on sites such as Instagram and Twitter. This format allows visitor to swiftly view a message as they scroll through their social media feeds. With this, businesses can rapidly send a message that would be viewed by a larger audience, particularly on Facebook, where the videos inevitably play as a user scrolls past.

Content generated by Customers

Just put the customers behind the camera and see the results. Any AD Filmmaker in Mumbai can best tell you what it feels in the quest to connect with the customers in the best way. Many opine that more response can be expected towards the video is the content in it is user generated instead of company generated. Rather than spending several hours in making a script and creating commanding videos, it‘s always better to invite your customers to create one of their own. Customer generated content has one good thing, i.e. you can know the people‘s liking for your brand. When potential customers come to know about it, they‘d want to know what it‘s all about and possibly give your product a try.

Call to Action

Many brands make a mistake by creating a good video but without attaching a call to action. Your targeted audience might enjoy your message; however, if they aren‘t aware of what to do after watching it, then your hard work might just go waste. You can use something simple as a call to action such as a coupon code for use on your website. Another thing you can do is attach a discount for any visitor mentioning about the video in your store. As a call to action measure, you just need to add few words at the end of the video that could lead to a conversion.

Video marketing lets you stand out from others and their text based marketing efforts. When done correctly, a video marketing campaign can help you reach to more prospects and convert them into customers.

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Joe Pan is an AD Filmmaker in Mumbai having immense expertise and experience in Corporate Video Production, safety training films and digital marketing videos. Having worked in this industry for several years he leads Pansworld to the best of his ability. Writing is another passion which he has nurtured over the years and you can see that in his writings for online market.

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