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Water chillers: their importance and usage in industries

in Business / Industrial Products by Sulekha N on 05/16/2018

The cooling mechanism uses different mechanisms to bring down the temperature. They are more suitable for indoor installation.

A separate condenser water loop is used to expel the heat to the atmosphere through outdoor cooling towers connected to it.

What is water chiller?

Water chiller working principleis useful in water chillers used in the air-conditioning as well as industrial cooling and refrigerating systems.

Water chillers work best in the temperature range of 7 to 12 degree Celsius.

In the air conditioning systems, water chillers provide chilled water to the fans and fan coils.This system works fantastically in areas where climatic conditions are adverse.

For example, in high altitude area or places where temperature goes exceptionally high and low.

Since it requires lower condensing temperature, water chillers are better than their counterparts like air chillers.

As far as basic elements of water chillers are concerned; they are evaporator, compressor, expansion valve, condenser, connecting pipes and coolant.  

The refrigerant is sent directly to the coil of cooling component.

Since refrigerant is cooled and liquified by cooling water, the volume and operating pressure of water chiller are less.

Applications of water chillers

Water chillers are widely used in a plethora of applications. Here are a few examples.

Plastics industry

The chilling system plays a vital role in the plastic industry. It is used for cooling hot plastic so that it can be stamped, extruded, blown, or injected to make different items.

It is equally important in other processes of plastic industry, such that gearbox,molding machines, hydraulics, and barrels.

Chilling systems not only maintain low temperatures but also save machines from excessive wear and tear. Since Water chiller working principleis effective and efficient, the system throughput is high.


A lot of heat is generated in the printing process.

The chiller removes excessive heat caused by the friction in various parts of the printing machine. It also brings down the temperature of the paper when it comes out from ink drying oven.

Laser cutting

Water chillers are very much useful in pulling down the temperature of power supplies and Laser machines in a laser cutting industry.

Beverages industry

Water chillers play acritical role in bringing down the excessive heat generated in various processes in a beverages industry.

For example, cooking mixing and pasteurizing create enormous heat.
Efficient water chillers bring it down fast.

Because of the high efficiency of Water chiller working principle; they are versatile and useful than other chillers.

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Water chiller working principle is utile in water chillers, which are used in the air conditioners to distribute chilled water to coils.

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