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What are the benefits of using ERP and MIS ?

in Business / ERP by Sonia on 02/08/2018

The two system of information technology, which is making the organizations of today more productive and more revenue holders, are ERP (enterprise resource planning) and MIS (management information system). Boh are considered as the two aspects of the similar coin but there are some basic differences available in both the systems.

This article is an effort to differentiate both of the systems. Hope this post will be helpful in every way it can be made possible. We will start from the basic introduction of the MIS and ERP system.

What is ERP -

ERP is the process of managing and regulating all type of resources and their use in a very coordinated manner. It is also an information management system, because of it combines the collection of databases in front of the employees and administration.

What is MIS -

The MIS (Management Information System) is a computerized and automated system, which is made to provide the basic sequential flow of the organizational and functional activities in the manner so that the marketing activities of the organization can be regulated effectively.  
The following parts can be considered effectively -

The marketing reporting system
The marketing research module
Marketing intelligence system
Marketing Models

Benefits of MIS -

less error probabilities
integration, flexibility, speed and efficiency
review total costs in the complete supply chain management
shorten the throughout cost
sustainable commitment of the Top management
improve the quality of management and product services
provide more reliable data and higher service.
Risk attached with ERP and MIS implementation -
Expensive in lakhs dollars too
Time consuming to properly implement and adopted by employees
Transfer of knowledge and educational training
Impact on organizational structure and following aspects like - front office and back office management, product line management etc.
changes in employee responsibilities.

ERP and MIS implementation areas -

production planning
HR and workforce
Inventory and production
Marketing and sales
Accounting and Transactions

What is the basic difference between the ERP and MIS -

ERP is the specific application of MIS.
If ERP is the book then MIS is the knowledge
ERP and MIS are both for the manufacturing units
ERP is basically used to store all the functional and operational data but MIS is generally used to regulate the marketing process.

Conclusion -

Today IT industry is more than worth of 200 billion dollars and IT has always been the most supporting object for any industry. The data provided by the information systems is very very important to management because of this is essential to judge the weather of the organization whether they are going into right direction or not. Thanks for reading the post !

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