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What is Website Hosting? Types?

in Internet / Domain Names by Amelia on 02/18/2018

Believe it or not, the internet has become the leading platform in the virtual business industry, where you can access many services, or you can provide your own via website domains and addresses. It is more of a magical world of the digital line of work. To introduce your business or the services you provide to the people on the internet, you have to create your webpage/website.

Your website will be created by some authentic service provider that allows the existence of your site by storing the data in some specially designed computer or servers. These servers; store, manipulate and execute the data of your website and displays it on the interface of the person accessing it through a specific domain name of your site. Reliable hosting companies provide website hosting for many purposes. Web hosting sites ensure global accessibility to your site so that the people can connect to your domain address more efficiently. They directly allow you for bandwidth and disk space on their servers.  

Types of Website Hosting:

You can avail the website hosting services according to your choice or nature of work you are doing and how much web space you require. Word press hosting, Linux Hosting are some of the types you can choose from. Web hosting ensures complete security for the online visitors and for you also. You can opt for Linux or Windows operating systems that have specific individual benefits for the client. It all depends on how you want to use or present your web page on the internet.

How to Choose a Company for Web hosting?

Many cheap sites offer web hosting. Nevertheless, UK has many reliable and authentic cheap web hosting companies. You must keep in mind the server‘s response time, the time for live chat waiting, uptime of the website hosting site, the cost per month/year and the level of service a company is offering. Normally, the companies charge a few dollars per month for web hosting in UK.

Reseller Web Hosting:

Once you manage to purchase website hosting at cheap rates, you can simply resell the web hosting account at your own rates to the third party. the You need to attract customers to resell the hosting services. However, the maintenance troubleshooting and operational issues are directly manipulated by the web site hosting site. You just have to interact efficiently with the third party or your customer to whom you are lending the disk space or hard drive of the actual hosting site. If you are good at the advertisement, you will get a lot of customers and resell the web hosting account with your share of profit for it. It is a reliable business, and you can earn handful amount of money from it.

Reselling web hosting has many advantages:

• No Complexity: Reselling hosting services has no complexity of maintaining your server and all other hardware issues, nor you have to program anything for the operational purposes.

• Extra Income: It will provide you extra income by merely selling the hard drive bandwidth on behalf of the company.

• Negligible Startup Cost: you don‘t have to invest a large sum of money to resell the web hosting, you just have to focus on the customer care and dealing with your clients.

Looking for cheap hosting sites in the UK?

There is a long list of companies that offer UK Cheapest Hosting. Some of which are listed as below:

1- iPage

If you are the beginner and you want web hosting and competitive rates with excellent performance, then this is the most suitable company for you. It is a reputed company with some very decent customer care services. You get a free domain name for a year, unlimited band width, infinite disk space and a 30-days money back guarantee from the company.
Some of the others are also on the list
2- SiteGround
3- BlueHost
4- HostGator
5- FatCow
6- GreenGeeks
7- 1&1
8- HostRocket

These are the uk cheapest hosting best cheap reseller hosting sites in the UK. You just have to choose the hosting plan according to your need and website‘s nature. However, reselling can also be a good option as it can generate surplus income along with your start plan.

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