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Which one is more memorable – Customized wedding invitations or Ready made wedding invitations?

in Home and Family / Family Values by myshadicards on 04/03/2017

Weddings are some of the most momentous occasions. Romantic, grandiose, and beautiful, weddings are some of the best parties anyone can throw! But before the festivities, many intricate details have to be accounted for. Who will be the maid of honor? Who will be the best man? Who will pay for the ceremony? Who will be the DJ? How many people will be invited? While planning a wedding is never a simple or small task, there are plenty of people around to help. For minute things, like wedding invitations, those can be outsourced and solved in a manner of a few short days. My Shadi Cards is here to help!

Choosing to incorporate customizable wedding invitations into the wedding planning process is a creative and unique method to ensuring an unforgettable wedding. After all, most people will hesitate to an invitation printed with illegible cursive on standard stock stationery. However, sending out invitations with pinwheel-shaped cards, for example, can make more of an impression on the invitees.  
At My Shadi Cards, users can select customized invitations with various shapes, sizes, and colors to match the theme of the wedding. Plus, for the more frugal of wedding planners, each of the invitations costs Rs. 80.

If the wedding ceremony is faith-based, My Shadi Cards an ample amount of options for that. My Shadi Cards has customized cards for the Hindu, Islam, Christianity and Sikh faiths. Adorned in symbols and/or verses of each faith, customers will rest easily knowing their faith is recognized in all aspects of their wedding ceremony. For those who might be non-religious or marrying into a different faith, My Shadi cards also sells exclusive interfaith customizable wedding invitations. Also coming in different shapes and sizes, these cards include beautiful floral prints with bold colors to ensure a marvelous ambience at the wedding. These cards start at Rs. 30.

The premium collection of My Shadi Cards‘ wedding invitations is the true champions. The Luxury cards contain small boxes in which invitees can receive their invitations. Adorned in a luscious, boldly colored silk cloth, these cards pop out to their recipients‘ eyes. They are also wrapped in a beautiful ribbon tied with a precious pendant. Another premium card in the premium collection is the scroll card. As promised, invitations in the scroll collection can be customized to fit on a small scroll. The scrolls come in fantastic colors and prints. The scrolls themselves can come in either silver or gold. The scrolls start at roughly Rs. 50.

Weddings can be as stressful as they are exciting. While the planning can be tedious, the fun can be in the details. If a future bride wants to make a more lasting impact on her wedding guests, it is best to start with gorgeous and creative wedding invitations. This way, the theme of the entire ceremony is set into motion. Luckily, these invitations are cost effective and will be sure leave wedding invitees speechless. After all, the dress should not be the center of attention the whole time.

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