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Make your construction business smart by installing concrete batching plants     By Sulekha N 05/24/2018


It is impossible to imagine infrastructure development without using cement concrete. Yes, it is the fundamental thing that erects a structure. The massive quantity of concrete is being used worldwide in activities like building and dam construction, railways and highways     Read More

Top-class powder coating brings fine, shining products     By Sulekha N 05/24/2018


What is the powder coating process and why is it used extensively nowadays? It is process of using flowing powder to apply coating on the metal surfaces. The process is followed by baking process which makes the coating hard and durable.    Read More

Why You Should Add An Outdoor Fire Pit To Your Backyard     By Karsten Ryan 05/21/2018


May be it is the draw of the fire, but modern outdoor fire pits make your backyard & associated outdoor area more comfortable & livable even during the coldest months of the year. Let’s find out the top 5 reasons why you should add an outdoor fire pit to your backyard or patio area.     Read More

Clinch process uses clinch press in a wide range of industrial processes     By Sulekha N 05/17/2018


Several processes exist in a mechanical engineering environment. Each one is important and unique. Based on the product, work procedure, and automation, each manufacturing unit supports different process. Clinching is a wonderful process that connects two or four layers of metallic sheets by making    Read More

Water chillers: their importance and usage in industries     By Sulekha N 05/16/2018


The cooling mechanism uses different mechanisms to bring down the temperature. They are more suitable for indoor installation. A separate condenser water loop is used to expel the heat to the atmosphere through outdoor cooling towers connected to it.    Read More

Everything You Need to Know About Load Cells     By Sensotech 05/08/2018


Are you looking to enhance the operational efficiency of your industrial processes? Then you should definitely get load cells as they can improve the efficiency of your production output thru Automation. Read on to find out more about load cells.    Read More

Paddlewheel PVC Flow Meters for reliable and control measurements     By michaelcole 05/04/2018


Industries focus on non corrosive equipment because it saves them form the risk of corrosion which is way more expensive problem to handle. TK series PVC flow meter is completely corrosion resistant making it an excellent choice for a PVC flow meter in corrosive media applications    Read More

Keeping Up on Camera Reel Repair     By Lori Troyer 05/04/2018


Duracable Manufacturing Company In the plumbing and drain cleaning business and they provide high performance drain cleaning machines, superior quality cable, and pre-sharpened blades and many more.     Read More

Furnace oil heater ensure the efficiency of it     By Sulekha N 04/30/2018


When liquid fuel is used in a furnace, it is critically important to maintain the viscosity of it for excellent efficiency. To do it effectively;furnace oil heaters are used. Experts say that viscosity greatly influences the degree of pre-heating needed for handling of temperature.     Read More

Learn about hydraulic metal forming and molding press     By Bikram V 04/27/2018


Several types of hydraulic presses are used in the industrial environment. One should check the manufacturing processing needs first before calling a supplier who offers hydraulic presses India. Based on your technical specifications, it can suggest the appropriate variety of press.     Read More

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