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BavXL is het grootste platform voor administratieve en beroepsaansprakelijkheid in Nederland. Meer dan 50.000 ondernemers hebben het voordeel van onze beste voorwaarden en de laagste premies    Read More

How to Buy Your Fiddle Insurance Online?     By Michel Jordan 09/20/2017


String instruments are beautiful not only in their appearances but also in the music they create. You will be able to listen to melodious and absolutely desirable music with these instruments. While they are beautiful, they are also pretty vulnerable.    Read More

How To Choose String Instrument Insurance ?     By Victor Johnson 09/15/2017


Learning a new instrument amounts to passion for those who hold music very dearly! If you are one of those, then you might have bought many instruments or, would be planning to buy some to support your passion.    Read More

How Personalization Helps in Choosing Viola Insurance?     By Michel Jordan 09/14/2017


Creating music is often compared to yoga. It relieves stress, and gives you peace from within. As a musician, you are so absorbed by the yogic powers of music that you seldom remember the nuances associated with carrying an instrument around.    Read More

Don't Ignore Insurance For Retailers If You Want To a Be profitable Music Retailer     By Victor Johnson 09/01/2017


Are you a music retailer with too many outfits? Do you have a lot of assets, both instruments and equipment that need to be safeguarded? If yes, then maybe you should try and protect them with the right insurance cover.    Read More

Why Clarinet Insurance Is Necessary To Safeguard Your Instrument?     By Joseph White 08/31/2017


Clarinet from the Reed family of instruments is core to an orchestra. A clarinet musician adds the bass and beauty to the orchestra, which is why they are essential. If you own a clarinet, you would realize that the piece of instrument is expensive.    Read More

Protect Your Orchestra with The Appropriate Orchestra Insurance     By Michel Jordan 08/28/2017


If you are a part of the orchestra or, are responsible for the orchestra, you hold a huge responsibility. It is not just about getting good music out but also about classifying your compositions, ensuring you have the copyright for the music you have composed, and finally protecting the people in yo    Read More

Protect Your Cello With A Good Cello Insurance     By Michel Jordan 08/23/2017


Buying a cello is just the first step; you might want to insure it with the right cello insurance. A good insurance will make sure your cello is protected and you won't need to invest much into it, once you have bought it. That's the best thing about the insurance.    Read More

Beveilig uw zakelijke toekomst met Beroepsaansprakelijkheidsverzekering     By olecaan 08/19/2017 biedt zakelijke en zakelijke aansprakelijkheidsverzekeringspakketten voor elk type bedrijf. Kies uw organisatie type om meer te leren en te verkennen.    Read More

How to Search for Audio Equipment Insurance Online?     By Michel Jordan 08/17/2017


Whether you are a professional singer, a famous music studio, a retail store or, an individual who has taken up music as a hobby- if you record music, you should own the audio equipment insurance. Audio equipment insurance will help in ensuring your equipment and other recording material is covered,    Read More

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