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GateHouse Treatment on NHPR     By Tom Collins 08/24/2017


GateHouse Treatment is not just another drug rehab in Florida or New Hampshire. We stand out amongst our peers because we treat the entire person, not just the addiction that brought them to us. We are deeply invested in the health, success, and happiness of everyone we encounter.    Read More

Choosing Right Drug Treatment Center in Florida for You Needs     By Jason Martin 05/13/2017


There are many alcohol or drug addiction treatment centers in USA, however choosing the right drug rehab center is not easy for your loved ones, and you need to choose the perfect drug rehab treatment center which can offer the complete drug or alcohol treatment facility to the drug addicted patient    Read More

How Depression Stems From Drug Abuse     By Jason Martin 12/27/2016


According to the Johns Hopkins Depression and Anxiety Bulletin, around 6 million American men suffer from depression. While this is half the number of women who struggle with depression, men are more likely to turn to drugs or alcohol when in the midst of a bout of depression.    Read More

Marijuana Laced with Meth and Fentanyl     By Jeffery Adams 11/25/2016


Law enforcement officials in North Dakota have issued a warning that marijuana sold in the Bismarck region may be laced with meth and fentanyl. The warning was issued after a Bismarck man ended up in the emergency room after allegedly smoking laced marijuana.    Read More

Supporting your Family While in Drug Rehab     By Jason Martin 11/13/2016


The decision to go into a rehabilitation program for drug addiction and alcohol treatment can be daunting. It is particularly challenging if you are supporting children, a spouse or other family members.    Read More

4 Benefits of Outpatient Treatment     By David Smith 10/20/2016


To overcome an addiction to drugs and alcohol and maintain long-term sobriety, many people need professional addiction treatment. For more severe addictions, some people require residential or inpatient treatment that provides 24-hour care in a hospital-like setting.    Read More

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