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How Child Care Proceedings Can Ease Your Pain     By Sophia Mistry 01/08/2018


A state can take a step to take away child from parents, if he was facing some issues while living with folk, relatives, or parents. If a court passes the order, then parents or folks has to give the cutody of child to the authorized party.     Read More

How to File a Trademark     By Jared Shaw 01/04/2016


Follow these simple steps to File a Trademark:     Read More

ZESTAD - YOUR PATENT PARTNER     By FillShed 12/17/2015


Trademark and patent attorney (Ukraine). If you are looking for a professional help in forwarding your patent applicant, choose our patent attorney of Ukraine – ZESTAD    Read More

Exactly how Can One Know That They Are Ready To File For A Non Provisional Patent Application?     By ronnygage 04/27/2015


In a scenario when you have your provisional license application which is pending, all you have is a year's time to evaluate your expenses along with the prospective earnings which can be acquired from your suggestion and then apply for the non provisionary application.    Read More

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