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Tourism in Orissa – Learn more from the Odisha Samaya     By Terrence Paul 03/04/2017


Orissa is a very famous and beautiful tourist attraction, situated majestically on the eastern coastline of the Indian subcontinent. It represents a perfect combination of attractive destinations, rich cultures, and friendly people. Hence, it is very rightly called the ‘Soul of India’.    Read More

One human being is equal to a hundred animals?     By Terrence Paul 03/04/2017


In a small town of Kotpad in Orissa, a tragic incident claimed the lives of eight people, who were killed by a wild bear that had managed to escape from its habitat into the village. The bear was eventually caught and killed by the villagers.    Read More

The Car Festival of Orissa: Truly Incredible     By Terrence Paul 12/24/2016


Orissa is undoubtedly a beautiful place with its numerous wildlife reserves, lakes, and waterfalls. However, there is something here which is unique to this part of the country and that is the Car Festival or the RathYatra.     Read More

Europe Womens Golf Wedges Industry 2016     By elizabethadamsrb 06/28/2016


Research Beam added a report on "Europe Womens Golf Wedges Industry 2016 Deep Market Research Report"    Read More

Top RO Service Centre in Delhi NCR     By Dr Tanveer 12/31/2015


Guide to decide which water purifier is best and which RO service centre is top in the list of RO Service Centre in Delhi NCR.    Read More

Looking for Creative Bible Study Resources?     By christianyouthgroup 11/19/2015


According to a Bible verse, “The glory of young men is their strength and the honor of old men is their gray hair”. This holds significance in today’s scenario where it is getting difficult for the elder generation to connect with the youth and to imbibe the teachings of the Bible in their souls.     Read More

Tram route along Noida E-Way a reality soon     By Madhyam 04/16/2015


Greater Noida and Noida, the twin townships of the future have witnessed a slew of state of the art projects in a short span of time, which are steadfastly bridging the gap between the region and its NCR counterparts like Delhi and the millennium city of Gurgaon.    Read More

Innovative Financial Advisors Pvt. Ltd.: Energy Efficiency through PPP – Developing Delhi     By Anand Kumar 03/19/2015


Energy demand is going to be the major constraint for India’s development agenda. If India grows at 7-8 per cent annually in the next decade, Innovative Financial Advisors Pvt. Ltd. understands its energy demand is surely going to rise.     Read More

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