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Text Alerts Help Save Lives During Extreme Weather Conditions     By Greg Williams 07/27/2016


Natural disasters can hit anytime and depending on the severity can have deadly effects. But whether impacting or not, disasters leave destruction and momentary chaos in its wake, affecting livelihood, personal effects, homes, and highways.     Read More

Why Texting Matters When the Weather Worsens     By Greg Williams 04/12/2016


Bad weather can be devastating in so many ways. Unlike many other methods of communication, texting does not rely on online connections to work. People can send numerous texts even in the middle of the storm, provided that they have at least some reception.     Read More

What would it take to have beautiful wall colors for interior in Nepal?     By Adam Lee 01/28/2016


It is the dream of all homeowners to have attractive and outstanding shades on their walls, but achieving it is not as easy as it sounds.     Read More

Reasons as to why indoor air quality is an important health concern     By Das Prakash 08/10/2014


Having good indoor air quality is vital for the maintenance of proper health. According to the statistics presented by EPA (Environmental Protection Agency), the pollutant level inside the home is often 2 to 5 times higher than what is outside    Read More

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