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Is Big Data and Data analytics relevant for Social Media?     By AbhinavT 09/19/2017


When we think of Big Data in relation to social media, we must first realize that they are not separate from one and the same. Social media is no longer merely an option for businesses but a requisite component of success. So any analysis of social media marketing data, to be effective, must be view    Read More

Webinar Software: Excellent for Small Business     By alicelee 09/18/2017


You can also explain better about the products and services of your company, which you offer to your customers. And the best part is you can also answer anything through Online meeting software.    Read More

Ghotit Releases the first Google Chromebook Writing & Reading Solution for People with Dyslexia     By Andrew Alexander 09/12/2017


1888 Press Release - Ghotit is happy to announce the release of Ghotit Real Writer and Reader for Google Chromebook. Ghotit Real Writer and Reader is an out of the box comprehensive Reading and Writing assistance solution for people with dyslexia and/or dysgraphia.     Read More

5 Amazing Features that Make You End up with a Kodi TV Box     By Eugene Olechnovic 09/12/2017


A Kodi TV Box is a multiplatform media playing device containing tons of entertaining features to become an ultimate media hub for home viewers.    Read More

Search Engine Optimization     By Pritwebs 09/11/2017


Our Search Engine Optimization service uses the latest SEO tips and technologies that will optimize your site for search engines. The entire process is designed to help you gain more visibility, leads and awareness for your business.    Read More

The introduction of Dreamteam as university management software company     By Sonia 09/06/2017


Dreamteam is a university ERP manufacturing company which is devoted towards education institutes and schools.    Read More

The Relation Between Big Data ,Internet of Things and Data Sciences     By AbhinavT 09/04/2017


The Internet of Things and Big data share a closely connected future. There is no doubt the two fields will create new opportunities and solutions that will have a long and lasting impact.     Read More

High Quality Industrial Chemicals & Mineral Manufacturing @ Jainson Lab India     By Sulphide 09/04/2017


High Quality Industrial Chemicals & Mineral Manufacturing @ Jainson Lab India    Read More

Jainson Lab India - A Step Ahead In Industrial Chemicals & Minerals Solutions     By Sulphide 09/04/2017


Jainson Lab India - A Step Ahead In Industrial Chemicals & Minerals Solutions    Read More

The Quintessential Key Finders for a Peaceful Existence     By Ryan 09/02/2017


From morning to evening many of us simply forget things and the worst thing which we lose are keys.So to retrieve it and to live peacefully we certainly need key finders.    Read More

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