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Wearing an anchor bracelet     By alma miller 11/14/2017


Jewelry has become a statement for both men and women and they are worn proudly to reveal a person’s style and enhance the outfit.    Read More

Anchor bracelets for women     By alma miller 11/14/2017


Every woman loves wearing jewelry. They have great collections at home and usually match accessories with outfits.    Read More

Anchor braclets for men     By alma miler 11/14/2017


Accessories for men have increased in popularity and nowadays there are so many styles to choose from, as brands focus specifically on men collections. Anchor braclets for men are a great alternative to classic metal link bracelets or cuff ones. Many celebrities are wearing them and due to their po    Read More

Buying bracelets for women     By alma miler 11/14/2017


Every woman loves accessorizing their outfits and in many cases, the accessory worn brings an outfit together and makes it pop.     Read More

12 Types of Earrings Every Woman should know about     By Akash Chauhan 10/30/2017


It is not only women but also men who wear earrings. Right from the prehistoric times, earrings are regarded as important pieces of jewelry. Earrings represent style, flair and also personal statement.     Read More

6 Reasons to Buy Blue Topaz     By Akash Chauhan 10/23/2017


Blue Topaz is derived from Sanskrit word 'Tapas', implying 'fire'. This translucent and blue stone is named so because it has the power to cool down hot water. The stone is available in several hues including blue, rose, orange, brown, pink. Being around for 2000 years, Blue Topaz has a rich hist    Read More

Celebrate Diwali 2017 with Latest Earrings Designs for Your Wife or Girlfriend     By Akash Chauhan 10/17/2017


Wanting to head out for some much-needed Diwali shopping 2017? Find the perfect pair of earrings today at Gopikaexports. Pearl, gold, silver, diamond & many more options to choose from.    Read More

Neelam Stone Benefits and how to Wear Neelam Stone     By Shahid Ali Khan 10/16/2017


Neelam Stone is a one of the most popular stone after the Diamond. Neelam is a stone of Saturn plant and birthstone of September month. Due to the stone of Saturn planet it has many benefits.     Read More

Buying Rough Gemstones Jewelry - Some Smart Buying Tips That You Must Know     By Akash Chauhan 10/07/2017


A rough gemstone is the stone which is un-cut, un-shaped stone belonging to the category of gem. The stone is indeed in its most natural form where no one has meddled with it.     Read More

Know All About Bridal Jewel Set     By susan 10/04/2017


Jewellery has inevitably been the best friend of a bride to be. Especially in India, we cannot imagine a bride without glitzy bridal jewelry levying an appeal of a princess.    Read More

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