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Exclusive Reasons Medical Tourism in India is More Prospective than anywhere else!     By Sulekha N 10/31/2016


You might amaze at the medical tourism in India statistics as they show an alarming increase in the number of patients or ailing individuals who consider this Asian country as most ideal for the purpose!    Read More

3 Incredible Aspects of Medical Tourism Companies in Bangalore!     By Sulekha N 10/18/2016


If you are wondering why medical tourism companies in Bangalore are profound these days, you should read this post. But by the time you reach the end of this post, you will also have grabbed three incredible aspects about such agencies that make medical tourism so profound     Read More

Follow a healthy lifestyle so that you don‘t visit the best hospitals in Bangalore     By Sulekha N 07/20/2016


Due to the stressful lifestyle and enormous amount of tensions and anxiety, it is impossible to remain healthy. Experts say that as the life becomes more difficult day by day, the need for excellent healthcare centers will increase manifold    Read More

Going to India for medical tourism, here is a useful checklist     By Sulekha N 06/29/2016


India is amongst the preferred destinations for medical tourism. Availability of world-class treatment at a reasonable price makes it the best place for people of developed countries where treatment is quite expensive.     Read More

Will India be able to maintain the sudden surge in Health Tourism?     By Sulekha N 06/09/2016


Health tourism in India is the latest buzz. According to reports, the annual growth rate in the sector is as high as 30 percent which is phenomenal indeed. As medical treatment costs in the developed countries show an increasing trend, more people will be flogging    Read More

India grabs a leading position in the field of medical tourism     By Sulekha N 05/31/2016


Medical tourism (also known as health tourism) is the buzzword today. According to the experts, India earns a leading position in the niche worldwide. Statistics shows an increasing trend in the number of people and revenue generated    Read More

India earns great respect in the field of medical tourism due to high-class services     By Sulekha N 05/23/2016


The influx of medical tourists shows a great increase in India. Though all states show the increasing trend, states like Kerala, Goa and Maharashtra top the charts. Karnataka is also not far behind. People search for good hospitals    Read More

Charming Hotels in Chembur East Fulfil Hospitality Duties Graciously     By shobna malhotra 02/06/2016


Such hotels in Mumbai near Vivekanand Education Institute, as well as in proximity to the famous Acres Club which has the best sports and entertainment in Chembur, offers sports enthusiasts also the opportunity of giving full reign to their athletic prowess while residing in such hotels.     Read More

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