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How Content Production Companies Aid Publishers     By Nicola Coleman 12/11/2017


Here are how content production companies aid publishers through the different services that they offer.    Read More

A 13-Year-Old Poet Wrote Each Step I Take, Which Walks Us Further     By Andrew Alexander 07/02/2016


1888 PressRelease - Lila Dooley penned this collection of poems when she was 13 as a way to cope with bullying and feeling like an outcast. She hopes that reading these poems will help other teens cope with it as well.     Read More

Afterward by Edith Wharton : a Horror Filled Short Story that Makes you think     By Nicola Coleman 02/02/2016


In an era filled with literary work that revolved around romance, Edith Wharton let her readers breathe fresh air with her horror story Afterward.    Read More

Do's and Don'ts When Writing PHD Thesis     By Jack 10/13/2015


PhD Thesis is research papers submitted in support of a student's candidature for a PhD in his/her individual professional area of study.     Read More

Reasons You Need Copy Editing Services     By Jack 10/13/2015


Copy editing is the work that an editor does to improve the formatting, style, and accuracy of the document.     Read More

A glorious career in politics of Abdul Sattar     By Abdul Sattar 09/30/2014


After winning the election of 2009 Abdul Sattar MLA did remarkable job in development of Sillod- Soygaon Vidhan Sabha Constinuency consisting 168 villages. He supported road construction, road repairing, cementing, improved irrigation facilities to support agriculture. His contribution can't be counted and expressed in words.     Read More

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