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Editorial Guidelines for Article Submission is a platform where in the publishers can submit their contents. The content must be unique and meaningful. Please follow the following guidelines before your submit your content in the site.

Article Content

  • Article must be unique and useful for others. The already distributed article somewhere else will not be accepted.
  • You should have the authority to publish the article; that means you must be the owner of the original article.
  • Article should be meaningful, grammatically correct, structured, error free and easily readable. We don’t accept the articles which do not adhere to these basic requirements.
  • We don’t accept the articles with blatant promotion, self promotion, self endorsements and advertisements. The content of the article should be on a subject.
  • We don’t allow the article about negative marketing or the articles which are intended towards degrading others, spreading false news about others etc.
  • We don’t accept the articles with false information,fake matters and misguiding information.Our intention is to provide the quality content to the readers. So please double check your content before submitting.
  • We are highly sensitive to the abusive, offensive, insulting and hate contents. So don’t submit the content related to blasphemy, pornography, racial abuse, child abuse, sexual abuse or any such content which hurts sentiments of the people/community/nation.
  • We do not allow article which contains about fake degree, fake certificate, streaming videos, fraud business etc.
  • We do not allow articles on illegal products or services like hacking, password stealing, hijacking etc.
  • Articles with content about antisocial activities like terrorism, instigating riots/violence are not accepted.
  • Resubmission of the already published article will be rejected.
  • We have rights to reject/accept the articles on our own discretion.

Article Formatting

  • The Article Title can be of maximum 100 characters length. The article TITLE is unique in the directory.
  • Article Summary can be 300 characters length maximum.
  • Include relevant Keywords in the Article Keywords section.
  • Minimum of 400 words length text is required in the Article Body.
  • Include about author, source etc in the Author Signature field.
  • Choose the proper Article Category and Sub Category from the available list.
  • A maximum of two External links can be embedded in the article.
  • Allowed HTML Tags in the article are <b>,<i>,<br/>,<p>,<a href>


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  • We reserve the right whether or not to publish every submitted article.
  • The views and opinions in the published articles are of authors alone and does not hold any responsibility for the authenticity, truthfulness and relevance of the content.