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Frequently Asked Questions



1. What is ArticlePoint?

ArticlePoint is an article submission site where in you can publish your articles, contents, newsletters etc. You can also search and browse through the number  of available articles.


2. How to submit an article?


You need to become an author by registering yourself in our directory. Registration is totally free. Once you are registered you can login and submit your article.


3. Does it cost me for submitting article in ArticlePoint?

No, it is totally free of cost. We don’t charge anything for publishing your article in our site.


4. Do I get paid for submitting article to ArticlePoint?

We don’t pay for your articles here. It will only give good exposure for your content and help in SEO.


5. Is there any limitation on the number of articles submitted?

No, You can submit any number of articles from your registered account.


6. Can I submit the same article multiple times?

No, you can’t submit a single article more than one time to ArticlePoint. Multiple submissions of the same article will result in rejection of your articles.


7. How much time will it take to get my article approved?

Once submitted our team will review your articles. If it meets our publisher guidelines, it will be approved. Usually it takes around 24 hours. However due to the bulk volume of articles we receive this time may go up to 48 hours.


8. What are the HTML tags allowed?

We allow <a href=""></a>,<b></b>,<u></u>,<br/>,<i></i> tags in the article.

But these tags are not allowed in Title, Summary and Keyword sections.


9. How do I search the published articles?

We have given the option at top right corner of the website to search. You can enter right keyword in search box and search.


10. What if my article get rejected?

We reject the articles if it does not meet our publisher guidelines. You can resubmit the rejected articles with necessary changes and we will approve if it meets the criteria.