10 Etiquettes Of Wearing Jewellery To Office

10 Etiquettes Of Wearing Jewellery To Office

You must know that accessorizing well is a form of good manners. For centuries, people have been wearing jewellery to enhance their looks. But only recently did women start being discreet about their jewellery choices. Remember how our mothers or grandmothers used to wear the same gold bangles to weddings and also at home. There was no concept of ‘occasion-based-jewellery’. However, times have changed and modern-day women love a little variety in their jewellery box. Jewellery pieces styles like contemporary jewellery, party wear jewellery and office wear jewellery are now dominating our closets. We couldn’t be happier!

As much fun it is to wear different kinds of jewellery there is also a borderline between tasteful and tacky. Owning great pieces is okay but wearing them all together at once is not okay. So firmly believe that one must have ‘jewellery etiquettes’ as per the occasion and place you’re wearing them too. When it comes to work wear jewellery, women usually fear to make bold statements as you must follow the etiquettes of wearing jewellery to office. For the uninitiated, we are going to list out 10 must follow etiquettes of wearing jewellery to your workplace. Read on!

As per the profession

This goes without saying that not every kind of jewellery is acceptable in all professional sectors. You could be a corporate lawyer or fashion photographer or a wedding planner; you’ve to choose your jewellery as per the vibe of your profession.

Wedding jewellery for office

Do not invest in a wedding ring or mangalsutra in a rush. These will be the everyday jewellery essentials that you will have to wear to work. On the safer side, look for minimal and delicate styles that doesn’t stand out too much.


You could be working at one of the Fortune 500 companies but the vibe at your office could be chill or vice versa. Your jewellery has to fit in seamlessly with your office environment and your attire. You can go East while everyone goes West. So, think of your jewellery as per the environment at your workplace. Simply see if people wearing big diamond rings or sophisticated platinum bands.

One statement piece

Do not come across as a jewellery box by wearing more than one attention-grabbing piece. Choose your accessories wisely when heading to work. You could wear gold hoops or a chunky oxidised silver nose pin. Not both of them together because it would simply be obstructive for others.


Do not restrict yourself to one kind of jewellery. Keep your windows wide and opt for gold, silver, pearls, diamonds and even oxidised silver jewellery styles. Shake things up a little with your office looks because all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. For starters, you can purchase small gold hoops with a Cartier bangle bracelet and a gold watch to complete your monochrome formal suit look.


You may be all about those big danglers and cocktail rings but think of their functionality at work. You cannot wear jewellery that obstructs your normal routine at work. Even ringing anklets or bangles are not acceptable at corporate offices.

Selective bling

Be selective about the jazziness of your office wear jewellery. You don’t want to look like ‘Twinkle Twinkle Little Star’ at work on a Monday morning. You are representing yourself at work. It is better to be remembered for good reasons and not like funny element.

The-Four Rule

In a general scenario, it is acceptable to wear four pieces of jewellery items to our workplace every day. The golden four are – a watch or a bracelet, a ring, a pair of earrings, and a necklace. Anything more than this is a bit too much for the office.

Type of jewellery

Keep those diamond polka earrings and jadau necklace for weddings and festivals. Also those skulls and religious gods jewels for after work. What you wear at work should be simple and abstract for all the good reasons. Your jewellery must symbolize your personality, position at work and your seriousness towards your job. A simple pair of pearl studs, your solitaire wedding ring and the classy watch are good enough for corporate offices.

Start slow

If you’re new at your job, it is advisable to save the bigger and more outstanding pieces for later. It’s a good idea to start with smaller and simpler pieces than jumping onto the statement jewels. You could wear a pair of single diamond studs with a similar nose pin and sleek diamond bracelet to match. When you get a hold of the vibe of the workplace, go all out and even experiment sometimes.

Do not be discouraged with all the rules to follow and be mindful of. Cracking the office wear jewellery code is a no big deal if you be very tasteful and thoughtful about your jewellery purchase. There are hundreds of online jewellery store selling a wholesome variety of office wear jewellery at all kinds of pierce points. Go for darling because you women are meant for baubles.

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