Time-Saving Hacks for Teachers

3 Time-Saving Hacks for Teachers

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If any student willing to become a teacher believes that they do not have enough time on their hands right now as a student, they are in for an unpleasant surprise later! In all likelihood, they will soon learn that teachers often have significantly more to do than their students, and much less time to do it in. Since you are reading this, chances are that you are an educator yourself and we do have a few tips for you that will make managing everything just a bit less overwhelming for you.

Set Multiple Strategic Alarms

We all have a smartphone nowadays and despite that little gadget having the potential to waste a lot of our time, it also has the potential to save time. It all depends on how productively you use it. For example, multiple daily alarms could be set in well advance, and right into the calendar application itself, complete with indicative headers and the necessary details for each task. When you have too much to do in a day, those preprogrammed alarms will help you save time by:

  • Keeping you aware of all the important tasks so that you do not miss out on any of them
  • Allotting specific pockets of time to each due activity for the day
  • Not letting you forget about anything important, while being engrossed in the prior task well past its allotted pocket of time

There are plenty of dedicated applications that essentially do the same thing, but with perhaps a few added features. Try a few of them out and see if any of the additional features suit your scheduling method better, but additional apps are not mandatory.

In order to use alarms and reminders to your advantage, all your need is the inbuilt clock application, which already supports several alarms at once (iOS and Android). Even default calendar applications come with advanced scheduling features these days, and once you get used to the feel of how things work, they will help you with time management quite significantly. Not to mention the fact that preprogrammed timely reminders can release you from the stress of remembering those numerous micro and macro management tasks that teachers just have to remember.

Create Shared Instruction Sheets

Thanks to Google, educators can now create shared instruction sheets over the cloud for free. The idea here is to save time by cutting out the need to repeat yourself multiple times to different students, and sometimes the same students. It will also help every student stay in sync with the general instructions and check up on them for the sake of clarity as many times as they might need to. From general instructions for the ongoing lessons, to specific instruction sheets for new daily/weekly tasks, cloud synced, shared documents can be a real timesaver for both students and teachers.

Use Mathematical Tools to Cut Down on Manual, Repetitive Calculations

No, we are not talking about the default calculator app in your smartphone, although you should definitely use it in case you are still not doing so for some reason! We are talking about tools like the Marks Percentage Calculator, which lets teachers calculate the average score/marks percentage for their entire class. It’s not that difficult to calculate the marks percentage and average for an individual student, although even that can be unnecessarily time consuming at times. However, when you are trying to do so for the entire class, that is where teachers end up losing a whole lot of their precious time, in addition to making errors that can only be identified during a double check. Tools like that not only save time for teachers, they also help them avoid making embarrassing errors in their calculations.

Technically speaking, online-only classes should have made things easy for both students and teachers, but that has not been the situation ever since online schooling had to be initiated on account of the pandemic. This is largely due to the fact that teachers more than students were unaware of how to take full advantage of the various digital teaching aids and tools at their disposal. Better preparation can go a long way, and it always starts with a positive attitude towards the new digital format. Instead of simply trying to adjust and get through to the time when things will get back to normal, try and learn a bit about online educating while you are at it. Take it for granted that you will find that knowledge and expertise quite useful in the future as well.