Creating a Great Company Culture

3 Tricks for Creating a Great Company Culture

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After you have successfully launched your startup, it is time to assemble a team that shares your vision and goals. While recruiting a team is easy, retaining your high performing colleagues is a very difficult job. There are various reasons why people leave companies. Some people leave for better pay, while others desert their companies because of the absence of a culture that encourages them to flourish. The challenge for startup founders, therefore, is to create an environment that promotes excellence and rewards performance. Here are some tips that will help you do just that.

Fairness and Transparency

All employees want transparency and fairness in the workplace. This means that there should be a level playing field for everybody. Various studies have demonstrated that employee motivation and transparency are interconnected. The same rules should apply to everyone and there should be an open and transparent employee assessment system. Unfortunately, several companies fail miserably in this regard, and many startup owners do not treat their employees fairly. Promises made to employees during their hiring and recruitment process are broken in the name of fiscal prudence.

However, business owners can foment transparency in various ways. For example, any policies that affect all employees can be shared across virtual teams via online meetings. This applies especially to those situations where the company’s operations are spread over a wide geographic area. Another way to foster transparency and fairness is to speak to the employees directly and tell them about their areas of strength and weakness. Employees feel empowered when they see their superior speaking to them directly about their performance and results.


It is often said that employees do not leave companies; they leave their bosses. If you want to create a world class environment in your startup, you should reward your top performing employees as frequently as possible. Startup founders must realize that their employees have risked their future by joining them. In an unstable business environment, the minimum a deserving employee needs is awards and recognition. This recognition can assume many forms such as monetary incentives, more responsibility and public recognition.

Most management experts believe that deserving employees want public recognition more than anything else. This means appreciating the efforts and results of the employees publicly. Another way of rewarding performing employees is to delegate them more responsibility and authority. Empowered employees are willing to take risks more often than others. By giving more authority and responsibility to your employees, you are actually making them co-owners of your enterprise. This form of motivation can scale up your startup in many unexpected ways.

Encouraging Collaboration

Lastly, you can create an enduring work environment in your company by encouraging the spirit of collaboration. However, making everyone work together can prove to be very difficult in this day and age. Appreciating the other person’s perspective can help in this regard. In other words, team spirit can be inculcated by making everyone understand the importance of amity. This can be achieved in various ways such as team building workshops, company offsite meetings, and conducting impromptu picnics. Having an open seating arrangement can also help in building team spirit.

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