marketing tips for Instagram

4 marketing tips for Instagram

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Instagram is one of the biggest social networks in the world, with over a billion active users. Neglecting to use the network as part of your wider marketing strategy cuts you off from a huge pool of customers, and marketing on Instagram is a lot simpler than you might imagine.

#1 Focus on engagement not followers

The size of your follower count is an attractive metric, but ultimately meaningless compared to engagement. A large but unengaged following is nowhere near as valuable as a small but highly engaged group that responds favorably to your posts. Rather than fixating on your follower count, look to the number of likes and comments per post. Increasing engagement relies on a range of different factors, including post frequency, relationships between accounts and even how often you use features like stories and IGTV. Many marketers turn to digital agencies like Made by Factory to manage their social media presence for them, taking a lot of the mystery out of engagement. These agencies will help you grow, but they’ll do so sustainably, always prioritizing engagement.

#2 Don’t abandon organic reach

Many people will tell you that organic reach is dead, squeezed to death by ever-tightening algorithms, but this isn’t the whole story. Unpaid reach has been declining steadily for years and will continue to do so, but now isn’t the time to give up on it completely. Focus on keeping engagement levels high, building relationships with your followers and posting good quality content on a timely basis. These factors all increase organic reach, which is probably the most valuable commodity in the world of social media marketing. After all, why pay for adverts when you can reach new customers organically?

#3 Optimize for Instagram

It almost goes without saying, but many accounts still fail to properly optimize their content for the Instagram newsfeed. They post on another platform, perhaps a blog or Facebook, and then upload that content to Instagram without any changes. Not only does the algorithm punish poorly optimized content but users are far less likely to interact with pixelated or low-quality ads. Instagram is a visual medium, so lengthy text adverts (even in the caption) don’t really work. You’ll need to get your image sizes right. Feed posts are 1080px x 1080px and stories are 1980px x 1080px.

#4 Consider influencers before Facebook ads

Broadly speaking, there are two types of Instagram advert: those that go through Facebook and those that go through influencers. Both can be expensive, but the former involves sponsored posts appearing on the newsfeeds of other users. The latter is more nuanced and usually more effective. Influencers charge a set fee for endorsing a product or service on their profile. Those profiles usually have hundreds of thousands and sometimes even millions of followers. 

As you might imagine, influencers aren’t cheap, but their posts do look more natural. An influencer’s followers are loyal and highly engaged. These kinds of adverts are far harder to scroll past than those artificially implanted on the feed by Facebook.

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