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4 Tips To Take Care Of Men’s Non-Iron Shirts

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Men’s non-iron shirts are the go-to garments that every man owns. Whether you have a party to attend or you need a shirt for everyday use, non-iron shirts will never let you down. But taking care of these shirts seems difficult at times. So to help you out with the same, here are a few tips that you must consider for the durability of your wrinkle-free shirt.

Laundry Bags

Men’s non-iron shirts come with tags with all the information written on them about how to wash. Mostly the shirts are washable. However, if they are not, you can wash them with protection. There are chances of getting wrinkles on the shirt. To avoid your shirt from getting damaged, make use of a large laundry bag, and button up your clothes. This will also prevent damage to the collar and sleeves while spin-drying. Also, you can spin-dry your shirts for a concise duration. This will stretch out all the wrinkles by keeping the moisture intact in the garment.

While drying Tencel t-shirts, use a hanger that has the right size and is thick enough. Prefer stretching out the wrinkle with hands while hanging it up and aligning the shape to its original. But if you are spin-drying it, straighten out the shirt as soon as you wash it.


Men’s non-iron shirts need no ironing. Even if you do, make sure the iron isn’t too hot. There are times when you want your collar to stay upright throughout the day; that is when ironing comes into the scene. But again, do not damage your shirt with an extremely high temperature of iron. Go for low to medium temperature to stabilize the shape of the shirts. Also, consider checking the care labels of the shirt before you get started with ironing.

Talking about merino wool shirts, they need not a little bit of ironing. Therefore do not try your hands in ironing them down because you will only end up ruining the shirt.

No Dry Cleaning

Best non-iron shirts in the UK demand no dry cleaning. As dry cleaning is generally performed with high-temperature ironing, it can end up damaging your shirt. If the care label on the shirt allows dry cleaning, you can go ahead with it. But if it does not, then do not damage your shirt by high heat while dry cleaning it for daily maintenance.

Non-iron shirts do not need dry cleaning because of their quality of remaining wrinkle-free. Therefore heating them may ruin this feature and make them the same as that of a casual shirt.


Storage plays a vital role in keeping the wrinkle-free quality of non-iron shirts alive. Whether you are buying these shirts for the first time or you own many, you do not want to end up having creases on your shirt. And the only solution to this is a hanger. You can keep your shirts wrinkle-free by using a hanger. The hanger doesn’t fold the item. Hence your shirt will remain as it is. Also, avoid hanging the items too close to each other, which may damage the shirts from friction. For the longevity and durability of men’s non-iron shirts, use hangers!