5 Awesome ways to download your favourite videos

In this age videos are not only a source of entertainment but also a good medium of knowledge and learning. Many people prefer to learn new things with the help of videos available on different platforms. There are ample options as far as video categories are available for the users. People can watch video on different platforms and learn the desired skills or arts. However, the moment they want to download the video, they feel disappointed as they cannot download them and save on smartphone. The reason behind this disappointment is the restriction placed by various platforms which do not allow it. The vidmate old version is a part of vidmate app which is much famous for its immense performance. Many more such apps are available on different platforms which can help one to fetch the desired video.

  • All in one downloader: It is an easy to use app for all those who want to have videos downloaded from different platforms and in different forms. The design of the app is too simple to use and one can also save the downloaded video in a special folder created by the app only. The app can also help to have audio and video content separated which is an added feature to the users.
  • Free video downloader: This app is also much known for its immense performance and pulling video from any platform. This app is available on play store as well as third party platforms. Many users have tested it and due to its grand performance it has got huge name and fame in this segment. This app can easily pull video from any platform with the help of link of the video. Here one can also find features that can help to improve the quality of video downloaded.
  • Vidmate: Among the best apps in this category, this is the most popular app. The vidmate old version is still effective when it comes to fetching the video from any platform. With the help of this small app one can easily get any video from any platform. The only condition here is one need to have right link of the concerned video. Here one must remember that it is a third party app and hence not present there on the play store. One can download it from 9apps.
  • Vmate: It is another wonderful app with the help of which the user can pull the video of his choice from any platform. It is an app with the help of which the user can download the video in a specific folder and also change its settings to improve its quality. One can find this app easy to use and download.
  • Six video downloader: If one wants to pull a video, this app is another fabulous option to use. One needs to offer it the link of the video and rest will be managed by the app only. It can be termed as an infallible weapon for pulling video from any platform.

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