5 Gorgeous Sequin Prom Dresses for a Glowy Look in 2021

5 Gorgeous Sequin Prom Dresses for a Glowy Look in 2021

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Your prom night is supposed to be one of the most magical experiences and it all starts with getting your hands on the right dress. 2021 prom will be all about glam and glitz. That is why sequins are ideal. Sequin prom dresses are trending this season. They are packed with glamour and will stand right by your sparkling personality at the event. 

Here are 5 trendy glittery prom gowns that you must go through for a romantic yet dazzling evening:

1. Fitted Sequin Red Prom Dresses with Plunging Necklines

Traditional with a hint of sexy- these are the ideal words to describe this style perfectly. Traditional because of the colour and sexy because of the bold plunging V necklines and the fitted silhouette that embraces your figure and shows off your curves. The drama and gorgeousness of this style is unmatched. There is the sparkling sequin coupled with a sweep train finish. 

Check out these sparkly prom dresses that will bring out the best of you:

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2. High-Slit Lace Sequined White Prom Dresses

If your plan for prom 2021 is to mix glamour with sophistication, classic with modern, then check this style out. As we know, white is the chicest shade of them all and lace represents vintage like no one else. Coupling that with shimmering sequins is bold and powerful to say the least. Besides the high-slit skirt will definitely give your look a sexy edge. 

Take a look at these unique sequin prom gowns:



3. Deep-V Back Fully Sequined Fitted Prom Gowns

If you want nothing else other than bling, this is the style you must go for. With all over sequin overlay, you will shine brighter than anyone at the venue. The fitted mermaid or trumpet skirt will hug your figure at the right places to bring out the curves. The cherry on top is the deep-V back that will give your look a fairly seductive edge. 

Pro tip: You can choose solid neutrals to tone down the shimmering effect a bit. 

Go through these voguish prom dresses and choose your favourite:

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4. Shimmering Gold Prom Dresses with Overskirts

This is the pinnacle of all the glamour that you could possibly ask for. Gold dresses are showstopper dresses that will make a statement at every occasion. If you want the Prom Queen title, this is your style for 2021. Besides, the overskirt on the fitted dress will be like the “best of both worlds”. Your curves will be showcased perfectly yet you would have the gorgeous drama with a sweep train finish. 

These are the gold sequin dresses that will certainly stand out:


5. Long Sleeve Sequin Sheath Dresses

Sheath dresses are quite elegant and when paired rightly with sequins and beads, there is an excellent fusion. Besides, the long sleeves will look really classy. If you want something sexy but not too dramatic, go with short prom dresses. Else, go for gowns with floor-length skirts. 

Take a peek at these adorable designer items:

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Keep your makeup and accessories to a minimum because the dress will add all the glamour you need in your look. Make sure to choose the colour carefully; something that compliments your skin tone perfectly. Too much of anything is going to overpower your look. You can also settle for multicoloured options but the contrast or matching must be visually pleasant. 

Happy shopping!