5 Reasons You MUST Use CBD Hemp Flower

5 Reasons You MUST Use CBD Hemp Flower

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Some people use CBD hemp flower in baking or cooking since CBD is fat soluble. This is a relatively simple way to create a CBD infused oil or butter.  For those who choose to consume the CBD flower in this manner, it is important to know that it will take longer to impact the body because it moves through the digestive system rather than when inhaling or rubbing a lotion on the skin or taken sub-lingually.

Use CBD Hemp Flower – Medical Uses

Medical Use of CBD hemp flower has users reporting improvement in feelings of well-being because of lessened pain. Physical function for those with arthritis increased and improved with the continued use of CBD. Less pain gave a side effect of more restful sleep with less stiffness in the mornings. Individuals experience pain in various ways and respond to pain relieving agents differently as well.

There may be more than 100 types of arthritis, but pain is the bond that binds them all together.  It is a pain that will not respond to some pain medications. In mid-2019, a poll revealed that 14% of Americans use CBD hemp flower products because of pain. When arthritis specifics were added to the poll research, 29% of individuals polled revealed that they were currently using CBD and 80% had were using it, had used it or were considering its use. 

Use CBD Hemp Flower – It is a Natural Treatment Option

Pharmaceuticals come with a wide range of side effects, sometimes addictive side effects. Use CBD hemp flower for natural solutions that can help keep your body in balance and health. There may be times for modern medicine but use CBD hemp flower products whenever possible rather than traditional medicine. Pharmaceutical medications can have many negative side effects but use CBD hemp flower as a natural treatment option, so the body repairs its systems. Use CBD hemp flower to create balance or homeostasis in your body. CBD can also be used to reduce the ill effects of more potent pharmaceuticals.

Use CBD Hemp Flower — Hemp Flower Use in Baking

Back in the day, a big plate of pot brownies on the table for Friday evening social just hit the spot in those college days.  The purpose of these baked goods was to get high on the THC.  Today, brownies can be made with hemp flower without having the “high” aspect of marijuana.  The benefits to use CBD hemp flower keep stacking up.  These benefits may include lessen pain, quieting of chronic anxiety and other health conditions.  

It is common to also use CBD hemp flower to bake other goods such as cookies, cakes, etc. It is difficult to determine the dosage when using the hemp flower in this way and it takes longer to have an impact on the body in lessening pain or alleviating anxiety.

Hemp Flower Use of Smoking or Dry Vaping

The hemp flower used in smoking or Dry Vaping is a relatively new manner of delivery. The hemp flower has a high percentage of CBD but 0.3% or less THC. This fact is an option for those who have been smoking marijuana for years but now want the CBD benefits but not the “high” or “stoned” impact from the THC. It has also been a beneficial way to stop smoking when you use CBD hemp flower hemp pre-roll.

Individuals can use the ground hemp flower to roll as a traditional cigarette or you can choose the convenience of hemp pre-rolls. This is a fast delivery of the CBD benefits to the body. It is important to be cautious in utilizing this delivery system if someone has existing respiratory challenges.

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