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5 Swaps to Make for a Healthier Diet

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Many people believe that eating healthy is having to stop enjoying the meals that you love and having to overturn your diet completely. However, this is not the case. Instead, when you are next hovering over the cooker, here is a range of healthy swaps that you can make to transform your diet. 

Fruit Juice

Many people opt for fruit juice to drink throughout the day. However, while fruit juice can provide you with some of the nutrients that you need to thrive, swapping fruit juice for fresh fruit can help you to get the most out of these foods without any of the sugary additives. In terms of healthy drink replacements, you should consider drinking fruit-distilled water, which can allow you to get the same flavor but without any of the ingredients that can be bad for you when consumed in bulk. 

Peanut Butter 

Although peanut butter is often revered as the optimum snack for those seeking energy due to its large amount of nutrients, peanut butter can also be extremely high in calories, which can cause weight gain. Then, rather than smearing your bread in this nutty substance, you should consider alternatives such as seed butter. This butter can give you all of- if not more- of the nutrients that you find in peanut butter, but with less of the negative effects on your health and weight. You can find all products here – to order your perfect peanut butter substitute. 

White Bread and Rice

White bread and rice are often staples in your diet, with many people living off sandwiches during the day and enjoying curries and other dishes in the evening. However, these foods are highly processed and can lead to weight gain and heart disease. Then, if you consume these in large portions, you should consider swapping them for wholemeal alternatives, such as brown and granary bread, that can allow you to eat your favorite sarnies with a healthy twist. 


Pasta is one of the most popular dishes across the country due to the variety of meals that you can make with it. However, pasta contains many carbohydrates and can also be problematic for those who are looking for a gluten-free diet. Then, you should consider swapping pasta for spiralized vegetables, such as courgetti, that can take on the consistency and appearance of spaghetti while having none of the carbs that you are trying to avoid. This can then allow you to cook Bolognese and other pasta dishes to your heart’s content. 

Whole Milk 

Finally, while whole milk is full of nutrients and goodness, it is also filled with saturated fats. It is then recommended that you choose semi-skimmed milk, which can give you the positive benefits of drinking milk, such as increasing your calcium intake while also cutting down on the fats you are consuming. If you want to forego milk altogether, you should consider swapping it for soy or almond milk varieties. 

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