Caribbean Sailing Vacation

8 Packing Tips for Caribbean Sailing Vacation

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Vacations are all about having fun but the time before vacation can be a little hard. You need to plan a lot, especially if this is the first time you are looking for a Caribbean all inclusive sailing experience. Your digital camera charger, sunscreen, beachwear, medication for seasickness; everything you need during your vacation is in your bag. Therefore, when your packing goes wrong, you may not be able to enjoy your time in the British Virgin Islands to the fullest. You also don’t want to pack too much. So, let us help you pack with the following 8 tips: 

1. There is limited storage space on the vessel. A hard-sided suitcase is not suitable for Caribbean all inclusive sailing vacation. You can easily fold a strong duffel bag. This type of bag is also easy to fit in an airplane’s overhead bin. Learn about size and weight limits for your luggage. A duffel bag is also easy to carry. 

  • If it is a week-long vacation, make sure that you pack the following:
    1. 3-4 pairs of shorts 
    2. 3-4 swim suits 
    3. 7 t-shirts 
    4. Swimsuit cover up      
    5. Walking shoes and sandals 
    6. Sleepwear 
    7. Enough underwear  
    8. A beach towel 
    9. Light windbreaker 
    10. Personal toiletries
    11. A fanny pack or day pack 
    12. Guide book 
    13. Passport 
    14. Sunglasses 
    15. Sunscreen 
    16. Water bottle 

2. You need proper protection from the sun. The temperature remains comfortable due to the constant trade winds. However, the tropical sun and its reflection from the water can cause sunburn. Don’t forget to pack a suntan lotion. Also pack a sun visor or a baseball cap, sunglasses and sunburn soothers. 

3. There can be small medical emergencies during the vacation. You should not lose your vacation fun time due to seasickness or some other minor health problems. Therefore, pack a container with prescription medicines. Carry extra medicine for a few days in case there are any delays. First aid kit is available on every chartered sailing vessel. However, you should still bring antibacterial cream, band-aids, pain relievers, anti diarrhoea medication, seasickness remedies and bug spray. You may also need a small flashlight during your sailing vacation.

4. You can find many ideal places for scuba diving, snorkelling and other water sports activities. If you are interested in any of these activities, make sure that you have the required water gear. Snorkel equipment is often available on board. If not, you can contact the charter office. Bring your own snorkel if you don’t want to use a second hand one.

5. Pack your digital camera with extra batteries and a memory card. Pack your memory maker in a strong, waterproof bag. A disposable bag can keep your camera from getting wet.

6. You will get some free time while moving from one island to another. Pack some items for that time. You can carry paperback books, CDs and playing cards. Bring your own binoculars. 

7. Carry some zip lock bags of different sizes to put damp swimsuits, documents, dirty laundry and more.

You will spend time on a vessel during your vacation. There will be a lot of sea and a lot of sun. Make sure that you have proper supplies for Caribbean all inclusive sailing vacation.

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