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All in the “CBD Hemp Family” — The “Artist” in Artisan and The “Type” of Ruderalis

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The CBD hemp family spans a broad scope of things but today we are looking at two aspects in particular which form a “special niche”. What exactly is the artisan CBD hemp flower and the ruderalis type hemp flower.

CBD Hemp Family — Growth of the Artisan CBD Hemp Flower

In order for a hemp grower to produce an artisan level hemp flower, they must be watchful over each part of the plant’s growth. From world-class growing facilities to measured specially-formulated fertilizers and organic handling, the hemp farmers are on the look-out continually for ways to eliminate man-made chemicals in the product.

After harvest, each of the artisan flowers are hand-trimmed, dried and cured for about 60 days in a managed environment which includes air-tight jars to protect from bacteria or other contamination. For a flower to be in the class of “artisan” it will demonstrate exceptionally high CBD-content as well as being well below the 0.3% limits of THC.

The artisan flower must be cultivated with precision during every part of the growing process and be handled individually through post-harvest preparation. Quality control makes for the highest level of care and precision.

The Benefits of Artisan CBD Hemp Flower

The artisan CBD hemp flower is definitely CBD hemp family. It was developed with the specific goal to further increase and enhance the benefits of hemp flower.  The cannabinoid profile is more complex and robust compared to every other hemp flower. The artisan CBD hemp flower aims to further improve the entire smoking experience to be exceptionally hard-hitting, above average potency and magnified effects even after using smaller amounts.

CBD Hemp Family – Ruderalis Type

When you go into a dispensary that has CBD for sale, more than likely you will not ask for Ruderalis and neither will it be on their shelf. But ruderalis type is in the CBD hemp family and a force to be reckoned with. It may turn out that the ruderalis strain seeds are in the genetic lineage of your favorite CBD flower. This is an additional cannabis type beyond indica and sativa labeled ruderalis type.  

A New Discovery

Because Cannabis ruderalis is high in CBD and low in THC, it is a more popular choice for those interested in the natural benefits of the cannabis plant, without marijuana use.

The high concentration of CBD in ruderalis strains benefit breeders, who will cross ruderalis strains with indicas and sativas to produce autoflowering hybrids containing higher levels of CBD. 

Ruderalis Type is Autoflowering

Ruderalis cannabis plants are auto-flowering. This means that the plant will flower according to the age of the plant not by the hours of sunlight or artificial light it has. The auto-flowering is undesirable for commercial growers because they cannot manipulate the growth like they do in indica and sativa types. It also accounts for the shortened flowering period which works for those growers with indoor facilities. 

Growing for Medicinal Properties

If growing for medicinal purposes, growers find this high CBD hemp family type provides desirable effects with less management needed. Today, growers and breeders are using the ruderalis strains for their seeds to breed new CBD options for sale with particular effects in a new strain to grow. So, it is unlikely that you can walk into a dispensary looking for a CBD hemp family types for sale and find a ruderalis strain, but it is still in the family.  

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