Apple Watch Does not Track Steps

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Apple Watch Does not Track Steps 

You get many amazing features, watch faces and bands made from various materials. An Apple Watch provides you with many choices. Choose a sport loop Apple Watch band of the right color, change the watch face and your Apple watch will perfectly blend into your outfit.

 Apple watch has amazing features for those who want to track their fitness. Step tracking is one of its useful features. However, how to fix it when the watch stops tracking your steps? Let’s troubleshoot.   

Why Doesn’t it Track Your Steps? 

There might be some issue with the hardware. Most of the time, it stops tracking steps due to iPhone or Apple Watch settings. The watch’s sensors may be dirty or they are not in contact with your wrist. Maybe you have not activated location services or wrist detection. Or, Fitness tracking and Motion and Calibration are off. 

How to Fix it 

Take the following steps to fix this problem:

  1. The sensors should press firmly against the wrist. The watch should be a little tight. It should not be too tight to cause discomfort.  
  2. Restart your Apple Watch and iPhone. If the watch is not launching the app or it is not tracking steps, resetting the device may help. Keep in mind that the watch and iPhone work in tandem. Therefore, restart both. 
  3. This feature may not be working because wrist detection is off. Take the following steps to fix this:
  • Launch Watch app on your iPhone 
  • Select Passcode 
  • Select Wrist Detection 
  • Toggle this feature on 

You are likely to face this problem and other problems when wrist detection is off. 

  1. When the watch is locked, apps may not work properly. Unlock your Apple Watch. Launch the Apple Watch app on iPhone and change the setting to unlock the watch when you unlock your iPhone.
  2. You may have turned off location services. Turn on this service on both the iPhone and the watch.   
  3. Make sure that Motion and Calibration is not turned off on your iPhone. If this feature is off, the iPhone and watch cannot use location services to track your motion. 
  4. Fitness tracking may be off in your iPhone settings. Take the following steps:
  • Select Settings
  • Go to Privacy 
  • Go to Motion & Fitness 
  • Toggle Fitness Tracking on 
  1. Your personal information should be correct in the health app. Apple watch needs this information for a proper estimation of activity results. 
  2. You might have third-party apps running in the background. These apps may interfere with the step tracking feature. Turning off these apps may make the tracking feature work. 
  3. Recalibrating the watch may also help.
  4. Unpair the iPhone and Apple watch and pair them again. This can also fix issues with steps tracking and a few other features. 
  5. This problem may occur due to faulty settings. Erasing the current data may also fix this issue. Erase data and start fresh. Take the following steps: 
  • Launch the Settings app
  • Go to General 
  • Reset 
  • Tap Erase All Content and Settings   
  • Enter passcode

You can also erase Apple Watch data from your iPhone. Take the following steps: 

  • Launch Apple Watch app on your iPhone.
  • Tap My Watch 
  • General 
  • Reset 
  • Erase Apple Watch Content and Settings

If none of these steps works, there might be some hardware issue that you cannot fix on your own. Speak to an Apple customer support representative. 

After you get this issue fixed, start walking. Set your fitness goal and let your Apple watch track your performance and help you in achieving your goals. Don’t forget to get a few new sport loop Apple Watch bands. 

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