Market Research Company

How does a Market Research Company work?

Market Research is a critical tool which helps companies understand consumer preferences and develop products accordingly, which provides them with a competitive advantage over the other players in the particular industry. The research is sometimes conducted in house by the company itself, but mostly it is conducted by a third-party company that specialises in market
Smart lighting market in India

What lies ahead for smart lighting market in India?

According to news reports, by the year 2020, the Indian lighting industry will reduce electricity consumption to 13% from an 18% at the moment. This is a significant drop considering that the majority of lights used in the country are incandescent, halogen, fluorescent lamps, which consume a lot of electricity in comparison with the light
Hotel Industry In India

Trends & Growth in the Hotel Industry In India

Businesses need to have a good marketing strategy for brand building, attract new customers and maintain loyal ones. For the hospitality and Hotel Industry In India, customer loyalty is everything and marketers devote lots of resources to keep it that way using connected campaigns that merge digital and print ads. These campaigns have to reach
Fintech Market

The impact of Global Fintech Market on banking

If you’ve paid for good and services with phones, transferred cash online, checked bank statements using an app, then you’re a part of the multibillion-dollar Global Fintech Market that’s slowly transforming global economies. Fintech is, in fact, a word used to refer to a host of technology, services, products, business models being applied to the