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Microblading is a comparative new concept which has involved in the market for over a year. This is a cosmetic procedure for all those who wish to have a perfect shape of eyebrows. It is a permanent procedure to keep the same shape and hair variations at a consistent look. Also, it will give a natural look to your brows. There is henna dye for eyebrows available at Mina ibrow henna. Most people have experienced a beautiful natural look. But, people wish to go for a permanent solution of eyebrow. Microblading is one of such wonderful technique.

Facts on Microblading

People are now very cautious about their looks. Right from eyebrow till the toe, each part of body must be well maintained. The eyebrows look really good when it is made prominent.  Henna for brows give an easy and less expensive solution to every individual. But, when you are going to get a prominent natural look along with some expert help, the Microblading is one of the best solutions. Within the procedure of microblading, the artists use the digital pen or small tool to do this activity. The micro needles are used to create hair strokes. If you compare the same with the permanent tattooing, the ink will not go deep into your skin.

Does the color stay for years?

The Microblading stays longer than the application of Henna for brows. But, it won’t stay for years. As and when you get the new brows, the color and shape will fade. But, this is also an advantage as well. No one wish to stay inclined to a particular shape and pattern of eyebrows for lifetime. People wants changes. As you grow your facial pattern will also change. It may also happen that you may not like the pattern of your brows 2 years from now. Had it been a permanent solution of your brows how would you go about it? Thus, Microblading helps you with the chance of changing after a stipulated time.

Microblading sections

The Microblading is a two part process. It is not the end once the artist uses the tool to achieve your attractive eyebrows. Rather, it is a two way process. Once you are done with the initial session, you will require the artist once again after 4-6 weeks. Also, if you wish to keep the shape and pattern for a longer period of time, the yearly touch-up is required as well. Again, there is a provision to make corrections as well. This is possible when you are going for the touch up every year. If at all you are not happy with the previous shape of brows the next will be something you can ask the expert.

The Microblading is little expensive with the price range between $400 -$ 1400. If you wish to get an affordable solution, henna dye for eyebrows from Mina ibrow henna is going to be the best solution. You can also have a look at other options in the registered site.

People put dye to their hair to cover their sign of aging. But, even if the purpose is making the gray hair black, most of you may look for a natural colour blend. Also, most of the dyes have chemicals which may be harmful for your hair. Thus, henna powder is widely preferred by people across the nation. But sometimes the colour of the natural henna may not be good enough to cover the white hair. Thus, you need to modify and get a good combination that serves your purpose. In this article we will discuss on how to use both the Indigo Hair Dye and henna powder to get a natural look on your hair. You can now get these products on Indus valley.

Steps to use indigo dye with henna powder

If you combine both henna powder as well as indigo dye, the outcome will be fantastic. First of all we need to know the ingredients that are required for the same. Following is the list:

  • Indigo powder ( 200 grams for people with shoulder length hair)
  • Henna powder ( 200gm for shoulder length)
  • Salt
  • Lemon juice
  • Water
  • Mixing bowl
  • Plastic wrap
  • Hair colouring brush
  • Rubber gloves
  • Shower cap
  • Sectioning clips


  • Take the mixing bowl and combine henna powder, indigo powder and lemon juice. Now add water slowly to make a thick paste. Donot forget to stir while adding water
  • Cover the bowl overnight
  • Now next day morning once you uncover the bowl you will see the colour got changed. Now wear gloves in your hands and part your hair to sections. Now apply the mixture of Indigo Hair Dye and henna powder.
  • As soon as one section is completed, roll the hair and apply the dye in the next section. This way, complete applying the paste on your full hair.
  • Now wear the shower cap
  • The least time you must keep the henna on your hair is 2 hours. You can easily wait till 5 hours if you want much more dense color
  • Now wash your hair with plain water. Remember not to apply shampoo.

If you can go ahead with this process, the hair colour will be really natural. You won’t get any impression of having artificial colour on your hair. If you think the dark black colour won’t suit your skin tone, the henna powder of natural brown colour at the Indus valley online shopping site can help you. In this connection you can easily mix the natural brown henna along with indigo dye to make it a perfect match.

The henna powder is readily available at the online shopping sites. But, getting the right quality is an important consideration. Whether you wish to get the soft brow or darker tone is totally on you. It is the best time to consult with the experts dealing with beauty product selling. The natural look in your hair will impress the viewers.