Sailing in Croatia

5 Best Places For Sailing in Croatia

Croatia is located between Central Europe and southern Europe, leaving it in a very interesting central location. The climate on its coasts is mainly Mediterranean, which makes it ideal for sailing at different times of the year. Advantages of sailing in Croatia The first thing you will discover when sailing in Croatia is the majestic
Asia's best Vacation City

Hong Kong: Asia’s best Vacation City

f you’re considering traveling to Asia, the world-class city of Hong Kong should be at the top of your list. This gleaming metropolis on the Pearl River has become one of the most important financial centers in the world, as well as an increasingly popular tourist destination. In 2018, the city attracted around 30 million
Hong Kong Harbour

5 Reasons Why Hong Kong is Asia’s Best City

Hong Kong is located between mainland China and the South China Sea and is a major financial and cultural hub of Asia. Hong Kong is a city that never sleeps and has several attractions as well as adventure sports to explore. The city is also home to several sandy beaches and has some of Asia’s
Hong Kong city

5 Best Reasons Why You Should Visit Hong Kong

Hong Kong for a long time has been described as the shopper’s paradise for its magnificent shopping malls’ however, there is so much in Hong Kong than family shopping malls. Visitors get an opportunity to sample a variety of local food, enjoy the city view from some of the highest buildings in the world like

6 Amazing Destinations You Should Visit This Summer

The perfect summer vacation is the one that suits you the best. Whether you’re planning to go on a vacation on your own or you’re intending to go on a vacation with your spouse, you need to find that destinations that suits you the best. If you are planning to take the children with you,

Top 5 Cities in Croatia That You Will Enjoy The Most

Croatia is strengthening its reputation as the summer Mecca for 2019 thanks to its vibrant trail of unforgettable cities. The once little-known country is now at the tip of everyone’s tongue due to a combination of pleasing architecture, beautiful beaches, and scintillating nature beyond imagination. If you’re in the country or are heading there this

Best Ways To Explore Croatian Islands

Would you love to island-hop in Croatia? Well, this country has numerous islands which offer dramatic views. Besides that, there is a wide range of water activities you can engage in. The best way to explore the Croatian Islands is by understanding first how to get around. You can decide to rent a yacht, use