An XML Booking Engine May Be The Solution

An XML Booking Engine May Be the Solution

Today’s online technology solutions need to be fast, easy to use and flexible.  With so many competitors offering so many special deals, your online booking solution needs to provide an easy and efficient way for you to manage the various special pricing or value add offers in order for your business to remain competitive.  Sometimes

Travel Technology Solutions Provide Options

There are so many different types of travel content available and so many different travel technology solutions available that it is difficult to know which the best fit is for your company.  While one booking engine may have the great functionality and the features you need, it may not have the content your clients are

Travel Agent Software Needs Options

The travel agent software currently available in the market includes fast and easy to use applications that can help your travel agency reduce the amount of time it takes to research and complete a travel booking. Today’s travel technology solutions provide quick, live access to multiple types of supplier content such as airlines, cruise lines

Best Hotel Booking Engine Option

Travel booking solutions should streamline the sales process and reduce the amount of time it takes your agency to train new agents to allow them to focus on selling faster.  Packaging options can allow travel agents to price multiple products, easily bundle them into a package and sell them online. Here is where an easy

Airline Booking Engine Options Can Vary

Most airline booking software can provide “live” connectivity with airlines so that the most up to date pricing and availability are used. Some air booking engines even have the ability to search multiple content sources simultaneously for the best price, allowing agency owners the ability to combine their own content with content from other sources.
Hotel Reservation Software Helps Overall Sales

Hotel Reservation Software Helps Overall Sales

Have you ever wondered why some travel agents are so successful selling hotel accommodations to their clients while others don’t bother at all?  The right hotel reservation software can help your business increase hotel bookings as part of your overall sales.  An easy to use hotel booking engine can be an excellent tool for agents
Cruise Booking Software Helps Sales

Cruise Booking Software Helps increase sales

If you are not selling cruises today, you may be missing out on a huge opportunity to earn high commissions in a rapidly expanding sector of travel.  The cruise industry is projected to continue to grow throughout 2019 with an estimated 30+ million travelers expected to cruise, making it and the fastest-growing segment in the