Pichwai paintings originated back in 1671 AD. The paintings covered the walls of the famous temple of Shrinath Ji in Rajasthan. Shrinath Ji temple was located in Mathura, however, In the year 1671 AD, in anticipation of the Mughal king Aurangzeb’s raids, the temple was shifted to Rajasthan, where it would be safe in the hands of the Rajputs. Along with the idol of Shrinathji, the lord’s servants – the priests, confectioners, cows and their care takers and the Pichwai painters (painters of temple background art) also went along. Shrinathji Pichwai paintings are works of art that are used to adorn the walls of temples, behind the idol. The colours used in the paintings are extracted 100% from natural sources. To understand the history of Srinathji pichwai paintings, one needs to understand and acquaint them with some information about Shrinath ji, the god whose temple is adorned with these paintings.…