Have You Tried Gong Cha’s Oat Milk Tea?

From this year’s sudden milk tea series craze, oats have experienced a breakout year. Its the greatest achievement? Becoming a part of Gong Cha’s milk tea series. Even if you’re a vegan or maybe you just like alternative plant-based milk, you must have heard about the new dairy-free milk that entered the scene. And has

Why You Need To Drop Your Cup Of Coffee For Some Gong Cha’s Fresh Taro Series

Instead of taking coffee (containing caffeine which can be unhealthy), why not switch to a healthier option- our new fresh taro series. Undoubtedly, coffees are one of the most popular beverages in the globe. It’s the most popular.   That’s why popular coffee shops like Starbucks have a steady increase in profit every year and

How Gong Cha Became So Popular

Bubble tea brands are everywhere! And despite the massive competition in the bubble tea industry, Gong Cha bubble tea stores in New York and all over the world are popularly known with long queues and sales improving by the day. But how did Gong Cha bubble tea store become so popular?   Is there any

Delightful Flavors For A Halloween Bubble Tea Party

In the US, November can mean two things. First, fall is officially here. Second? Everywhere is already getting spooky! Thanks to Halloween. Celebrate Halloween with a seasonally fun bubble tea party that features tapioca pearl tea, exciting table settings, and lots more.   Halloween Boba tea party is the best way to enjoy this hauntingly

Best Bubble Tea Locations In New York

Bubble tea, a Taiwanese based tea sipped with chewy tapioca pearls have become overly popular from around the world. Back then, the drink was largely consumed by the Asian population. Now, bubble tea had exploded in popularity from all over the United States with different manufacturers serving its esteemed customers.   On average, new yorkers