What do MBA rankings mean-Lexicon MILE

The early stages of researching and analyzing various B-schools and MBA programs can be tedious. These days we are seeing a steady increase in the number of colleges providing management courses. This adds to the burden of narrowing down your search to a number you could deal with. This is where the MBA rankings come
Is MBA useful without any work experience Lexicon MILE

Is MBA useful without any work experience-Lexicon MILE

Entering into a management program right after your graduation without any work experience is argued to be less useful than with work experience. But such a general statement may be inexact at most times. Business schools have become more diverse in offering both the freshers and the experienced, the equal chances of becoming a management
Does MBA help after engineering Lexicon MILE

Does MBA help after engineering-Lexicon MILE

In recent years, it has become a trend to pursue an MBA as a choice of post-graduation for engineers. There could be several reasons for this ranging from wanting to shift to management positions to realizing the value of a management degree. The first step in planning to pursue a management degree after engineering is

Investment banking as a career post-MBA-Lexicon MILE

Investment banking has been a go-to industry for fresh graduates who complete their MBA. This specific sector of banking or finance helps companies in raising capital for their organization. They also specialize in offering consultancy services to them. The high paying potential of this sector makes it the most longed for a career for many.
Best ways for management students to upskill themselves Lexicon MILE

Best ways for management students to upskill themselves-Lexicon MILE

Management studies have become a more preferred graduation program in recent days. With lots of students graduating every year and professionals who are upskilling themselves with an MBA degree, the competition is increasing day by day. Continuous learning and upgrading yourself is the key to outshine all the odds. Even as a student pursuing a