Gerber gear, or Gerber legendary gear, as they are sometimes known, is one of the trendsetting knife and tool manufacturers in America. Gerber doesn’t just have a long and storied history of providing quality knives and tools right here – their reputation is bolstered by generations of outdoorsmen and law enforcement personnel who swear by the toughness and reliability of their knives. It’s for good reason, too. Gerber’s knives are tough and reliable. It’s pretty simple. If you’re looking to add any knife to your belt or pocket, you’re probably going to find a good deal with a Gerber knife. They’re not just extraordinarily tough, they’re extraordinarily well priced. They don’t price gouge like many ‘premier’ competitors, but they also don’t cut corners. A Gerber knife is a tough knife, and as many of their blades are made in variations of chrome-moly-vanadium alloys, you can expect not only fairly good…