Benefits of Decorative Window Film for Your Residential or Commercial Project

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Do you want to buy a decorative window film for your residential or commercial project? If the answer is yes and you are still looking for the perfect product, you came to the right spot. This article will help you understand the benefits of decorative privacy window film and virtually any other types of window films. 

The Basics

The benefits of installing a decorative window film are numerous. Just think about the dangerous UV rays. You may see them as particularly dangerous when outdoors – that’s true. But what most people don’t know is that UV rays are also dangerous if you are on the inside. Yes, UV rays penetrate normal windows and can affect you while relaxing in your favorite armchair. For instance, a good anti-UV window film can protect you against the damaging effects these rays have on your skin.

Window film is a special product that works as a treatment applied to an already existing window (they are an after-market purchase, generally) in order to provide protection against certain factors. The main benefits of window films are UV protection, increased safety, and security, as well as intimacy. Some window films are used only for their aesthetic benefits.

Here’s a more in-depth look at some of the main benefits of window films:

  • Improved Comfort – They offer protection against sun rays, excessive heat; good window films can protect the interior from overheating during hot summer days
  • Increased Privacy – Privacy window film is ideal for homeowners who value their privacy; people won’t be able to see on the inside of the home, so there will be no more weird looks or prying neighbors
  • Increased Fade Protection – Fading is a common phenomenon affecting various items exposed to UV rays, like furniture, wood, carpets, flooring or artwork; this type of film is very useful if you live in particularly sunny area and want to protect the interior of your home; fading is caused by many factors: 40 percent of it is caused by UV light, 25 percent by visible light and 25 to 35 percent by excessive heat
  • Reduced Glare – This phenomenon is dangerous for children or senior citizens and should be avoided whenever possible by all people; anti-glare window films are popular in both residential and commercial buildings
  • Increased Safety and Security – There is a huge variety of films that offer increased protection against burglaries, break-ins, but also increased safety against accidents
  • Reduced Energy Bills – Window films can help you have lower electricity or heating bills; some customers are reporting an average of 20 percent energy savings
  • Full UV Ray Protection – As discussed above, anti UV films stop 99.9 percent of UV light

    The Advantages

Decorative window film is specifically designed to enhance the appearance of a room. Unlike anti-glare, anti-fade or security films, the decorative film is installed for aesthetic purposes. There’s a huge variety of decorative films to choose from, both for glass and walls, but also for other surfaces. Yes, you got it right, decorative film is also available for walls, not only for windows. This makes it incredibly adaptable and well-suited in virtually any situation.

Decorative film can feature colors, textures, graphics, photos and virtually any other type of two-dimensional artwork. The decorative film makes clear glass look better, it makes it more attractive and lets your imagination free. The film is very adaptable and can feature any design created by you.

Affordable and Stylish

Decorative films create a special atmosphere in any interior space, making it look attractive and professional. It projects the appearance of luxury, elegance and good taste. The films can be used to create a unique etched appearance for a much lower cost and quicker. It’s durable, reliable, easy to install and remove. You can make an office or room more appealing in a matter of hours and for a very low price. What’s more, you can do it without removing the glass itself.

Enhancing Privacy

Privacy is one of the prime concerns for a lot of clients. Luckily, decorative films can also be adapted in order to offer privacy and intimacy to the interior spaces. This is valued both in residential and commercial buildings. Usually, privacy window film is placed strategically in order to create intimate areas. For instance, privacy is often required in conference or meeting rooms. Here, glass walls let light in, but privacy is achieved with the help of these special films. The same goes for private offices or bathrooms. Privacy films are very popular for hotels and clinics. It’s a much more affordable solution than using opaque or frosted glass.

Film Is Reversible

Decorative film is very easy to install – it takes only a few hours, but it’s also very easy to remove. This is a major advantage if you want to redecorate an office space, for instance. While a frosted glass wall has to be completely replaced, a simple glass wall that features a decorative privacy film can be recovered very easily – you just simply remove the film and you are good to go. This is particularly important in commercial settings, where renovations are more frequent and staying within budget is a major factor.


Not All Manufacturers Are The Same

Yes, decorative films have multiple benefits and you’ll definitely find something that suits your needs. But not all manufacturers are the same. The quality of the final product differs a lot among multiple manufacturers. While some are professional companies with decades of experience, there are many newly created companies that simply import the cheapest products or outsource them to foreign suppliers. These products are often extremely cheap but should be avoided at all costs. Check and double-check the manufacturer before choosing a decorative film. Look for reviews, credentials and watch out for red flags!

Before purchasing window film, please consider the advantages and disadvantages of using it. One size does not fit all, and your unique situation may require something more permanent or considerable. Nevertheless, you might see it’s advantages for yourself, should you decide to try it. 

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