Best Shower Tile Cleaner of 2021

Best Shower Tile Cleaner of 2021

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Shower tiles get attacked by mold, mildew, germs and all sorts of stains. Cleaning these regularly with chemical cleaners or acidic cleaners might lead to etching. Such cleaners also cause the tile color to fade away and they become rough eventually. A good tile cleaner is one that not only removes mold, mildew, stains and germs powerfully, but also maintains the beauty of the tile. It should be able to give you a thoroughly sanitized and hygienic shower. Here is our pick for the best shower tile cleaner of 2021.

But before we explain more about the best tile cleaner, you need to understand the basic problems with a tile shower. 

What are the Basic Problems with Tile Shower ?

  •  Natural stone shower tile is porous and has the tendency to soak in all kinds of moisture, thereby leading to mold and mildew growth.
  • Such germs, when left ignored, spread quickly, staining the surface with their blackish residue, reeking of a bad smell and by also causing respiratory diseases and eye infections.
  • Sometimes, tile gets chipped due to heavy impact. Water stagnates in these cracks and again leads to mold.
  • Hard water causes whitish spots of calcium and minerals on the tile surface. These make the tile look rough and white.
  • Soap scum also builds up in the corners of shower tile that need regular cleaning.
  • If not regularly maintained, shower tile turns dirty, slimy and yellow.
  • Many people use caulk to seal their shower corners. But caulking is not a permanent fix and soon starts peeling or cracking. Water stagnates in the peeled or cracked areas and mold settles in there.
  • Acidic cleaners used for tile cleaning cause etching marks and make the surface look worn out and rough.
  • Efflorescence also deposits on shower tile some times, giving a very unsightly appearance. 

Features of a Good Tile Cleaner

To prevent all these problems, you need a strong shower tile cleaner that is gentle on the tile surface, will not cause etching, is deep-penetrating to clean at the root level, and that reveals a sparkling surface after cleaning. It gives you a thoroughly hygienic shower that is free from all kinds of stains, mold and smells. 

Meet Imperia Deep Clean! This power-packed shower tile cleaner has all the qualities you need for a good tile cleaner. It is the best tile cleaner with a deep-penetrating action, making it perfect for porous surfaces like natural stone tile and grout. It is also suitable for non-natural tile ceramic and porcelain to remove the hard stains on the surface. It is alkaline in nature and never causes etching. Imperia Deep Clean efficiently removes all the deep hidden stains and mold at the root level and also reveals a sparkling and beautiful surface after tile cleaning. It is the best shower tile cleaner of 2021. 


  • This shower tile cleaner not only removes stains, mold and mildew superfluously, but also gets rid of this dirt at the root level.
  • It causes no etching on the shower tile because of its alkaline constituency.
  • This tile cleaner does not leave any chemical smell or residue after cleaning.
  • It is hard on the stains and mold and gentle on the tile.


 There are no cons of this product and it delivered all the requirements of floor tile and grout cleaning brilliantly. 

Product Details:

It is available in a 16 oz and 4 oz pack bottle. You also get a bottle sprayer with the larger oz pack bottle. The solution in the bottle is concentrated and can be diluted upto 1 gallon. You get a fresh and clean smell after using this shower tile cleaner. 


 For best results, it is advised to wash off Imperia with water after cleaning the surface and retract Imperia off. Doing so, will remove all the dirt and debris. Imperia also needs to be rinsed after it has been retracted off the floor to ensure that there is no residue left on the surface.


 It might not be one of the cheapest shower tile cleaners available in the market but certainly it is one of the best.