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When it comes to staple food items in India, there are very few that enjoys the esteem of that of the chapatti. Chapattis are rotis that are eaten with vegetables or pulses. They can also be consumed with non-vegetarian dishes as well. There was a time when chapattis were made by large numbers by the females of a household to feed large families. The women used to prepare them in large bulk numbers for weddings or other special occasions where food is required in large quantities. However, during modern times, such bulk production of chapattis through conventional means have been adversely affected as people do not have enough time today and there is a lack of proper manpower. For this reason, the food industry had to come up with new, alternative means to make chapattis in bulk quantities. Chapatti making machines for bulk cooking provides a solution to the need of producing chapattis in large numbers.

Chapatti making machines or automatic chapatti making machines is automatic machines that are run by electricity.

They are capable of producing large numbers of rotis or chapattis in a very short period of time. It is a stainless steel machine of huge size and unlike the production rate of yesteryears, it can provide with bulk quantities of chapattis in a short time. The machine is divided into two parts. The first part prepares dough balls from flour that are of equal sizes. The task of the other part is to press the balls into rotis or chapattis and bake them. The machine can produce about 1000 chapattis on a per hour basis.

There are different types of chapatti making machines available in the market. However, the ones that are most widely used include the semi-automatic and the fully automatic variants. Both of these machines follow a similar procedure to make the chapattis and the rate of production on a per hour basis is also more or less the same. While the semi-automatic chapatti making machine prepares the dough balls in a given section and then make the chapattis in another section, the fully automatic chapatti making machine carries out the whole process without any human assistance. Compared to the traditional methods of preparing chapattis, these machines offer people with a hygienic way to carry out the same task. Moreover, their faster production rate comes in handy in commercial eateries such as restaurants and canteens where food needs to be prepared for a large number of people.

You’re engaged! Time to think about that wonderful wedding day! Will you be able to plan the dream day that you envision? Where should you start? Whom should you talk with? So many things to decide – so much fun in store for you. Now where to begin…

A wedding planner? Before you hire a wedding professional, do your homework so you have some facts on which to base your decisions. Where do you get the facts? Yes, you most certainly can begin on the internet, but the larger sites will only give you common sense tips and some general information. What you really need is more detail – the actual step-by-step information that will allow you and your groom to make informed – and cost-saving – decisions. What you want is make perfect wedding plans. And to avoid any stress that could mar your pre-wedding excitement.

Stress is a cloud that could hover over you as you plan.

With a list of over a hundred items that are required, time could run out to get every element in place for the perfect wedding. Will the wedding be less than you expected if plans fall short? Possibly. However, it doesn’t have to be that way when you acquire wedding planning how-to articles that will clue you in to every tiny detail – and offer checklists to ensure plans are well in hand.

Most brides and grooms enjoy making decisions about what they want at their wedding. Really, tasting that cake and choosing music and transportation are the fun parts. What they do not enjoy is paying hefty fees for the necessities. Amazingly, those fees can be greatly reduced if the couple is “in the know.” Face it: knowledge is power and power reduces stress. (Paying less is also a great stress-reducer.)

Perfect-Wedding Plans has every answer to every question for the perfect day. Articles are available on

  • Bridesmaids’ responsibilities
  • Groomsmen’ responsibilities
  • Special Moments in the ceremony and reception
  • Reception planning options
  • Checklists for the ceremony
  • Checklists for the reception
  • Choosing a florist
  • Saving money on flowers
  • Choosing music and musicians
  • Choosing a caterer
  • Choosing a menu
  • Organizing your tables at the reception
  • How to conduct a wedding ceremony rehearsal
  • Wedding day timing
  • Bridal traditions
  • Saving money
  • Reception agenda possibilities
  • Order of the wedding ceremony
  • Choosing a wedding and reception site

Really, with just a mouse click, wedding stress is gone. The bride and groom can sigh with relief and enjoy not only their perfect day, but the moments leading up to it.

PLANNED TO PERFECTION WEDDINGS Wedding Ceremony & Wedding Reception Ideas

Read about wedding ceremony and wedding reception ideas in the articles offered by PLANNED TO Perfection WEDDINGS of Winston-Salem, NC. We share more than 15 years of experience, revealing the secret techniques and hidden pitfalls that can make or break a wedding. Ideas are the first step, but you need to know how to make these ideas work for you. Using the detailed instructions, you can have your perfect day with minimal effort.

Articles about Ceremonies

Don’t go into your wedding planning blind. Our company offers articles that are useful for event organizers, wedding planners, church directors, and venue managers. These articles help you make perfect plans before you sign a contract. Know what to ask for every aspect of your celebration. Check our site frequently for articles about the following aspects of wedding ceremonies:

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• Order of the Ceremony

• Special Ceremony Moments

• Ceremony Music

• Rehearsals

• Wedding Worksheet

• Groom’s Attentant Booklet

• Bridal Traditions

White Roses – Wedding Ceremony Ideas

Articles about Receptions

Make your wedding reception an unforgettable event and be savvy on how everytihng falls into place. Surprises are nice, but not because you did not have the right information to plan your event. Our information helps guarantee smooth flow, good timing, and memorability without bumping into any problems. We offer articles about the following aspects of wedding receptions:

• Wedding Reception Checklist

• Reception Agenda Possibilities

• Reception Options

• Wedding Reception Planning

• Naming Tables

• Always dream higher

Individuals who open their very own restaurant usually possess a good amount of highly appealing traits as well as skills. You will find thousands associated with details involved with running the restaurant and for that reason thousands associated with opportunities to create things much better. There tend to be many severe challenges which restaurant proprietors can encounter. Owners have to know how to deal with these issues to ensure that their restaurant may become great.

• Problems to be a restaurant owner

Among the problems to be a restaurant owner and understanding how to operate a restaurant is that lots of end as much as only which, constantly “running the restaurant.” And when the proprietor spends just about all his period running the actual restaurant, he frequently overlooks or even doesn’t spend adequate period and focus on those things essential to manage additional equally important facets of any company.

The much more important is about the restaurant is owner’s day time in, day trip involvement within the operational information on the restaurant, the greater the danger of failing. When the owner is not able to detach himself in the daily actions of operating the restaurant, he is actually, in basically very uncommon situations, not able to do those activities necessary to maneuver the company forward in a meaningful method.

Every restaurant has three major areas that have to function well to attain its possibility of success.

• Operations

Operations include those functions which are necessary to organize and serve your products for your customers. It offers all individuals activities that occur every day within the kitchen, living area and bar.

• Finance

Financial functions handle safeguarding money, accounting, money management, cost control in addition to operational as well as financial confirming.

• Marketing

Marketing gets the term out concerning the restaurant as well as positioning this correctly within the minds from the public.

• Involvement and support of the employees

Restaurant employees are usually happier once they understand something brand new and consequently give much better service for your customers. By giving better support, they also make smarter tips – which will make up nearly all their earnings. Their jobs may become repetitive therefore train all of them constantly to understand their job towards the highest standard and also the jobs of everybody else. Cross-training enables you to be capable cover the different tasks inside your business and will help you to create a team associated with future administration candidates.

Construct systems with regard to even the actual littlest repeated actions. It is really as easy as recording things that happen included in a procedure.

• All aspects must be examined thoroughly

Plan as well as examine every area and aspects within the operations of the business. In the cooking process towards the cleaning procedure, make sure everything has been done to provide customers using the best encounter possible. Managing a smooth company operation is really a key element in the achievement of any kind of trade.

The actual set-up of the restaurant and bar depends upon a long group of troubles. Everything from how big the improvement, for the actual theme, and evidently the alcohol drinks permit can impact the great outcomes of one’s club. The quantity of difficulty is very typical but this kind of venture may commonly take 2 months at least depending in your bar’s needs.

Just first, read your own liquor permit arrangement. Some permit enables the bar to keep all the alcohols nevertheless some may only possess beer in addition to wine legally. When you have the contract that simply handles beers and wines beverages, then you certainly will likely take into consideration building an inferior service bar. If you intend to provide all of the hard liquor, however, you have to map out the area appropriately to make sure that you can to construct a complete restaurant bar. Prior to developing, take exact measurements from the entire interior space. This can guide you to ascertain exactly how much room you genuinely have for that newly additional bar.

Look from precisely where the most effective location for that bar is within the creating. Keep in your mind that the bar usually has dual features. They often work like a second waiting around staff area too. Because of those staff people, a bar in the heart of your eating space is the best location. Furthermore, this really is significantly proper when getting into issue the supper rush. For that considerably much more intimate environment, placing the restaurant bar inside the far back of the building will probably be beneficial within drowning away the commotion inside the streets along with the loud kitchen area. Take into consideration, the position is actually everything.

Keep your own bar stocked with the vital materials. That signifies various chillers in addition to fridges, ice containers in addition to dispensers, glass holders, stools, along with coasters. Your chairs in addition to coasters could match the actual theme of the entire restaurant and bar. Ensure that you simply put money into all the perfect decorations to create the feeling and provide visitors.

The best lighting can easily make it simpler to set the actual mood of the bar. It ought to be incredibly sensitive. It shouldn’t be so dark how the valued customers can’t browse the menus nonetheless they shouldn’t be so vibrant they sense like an area light possibly. The ideal lighting scenario for just about any bar consists of recessed lights in addition to decorative monitor lighting. All of those contain dimmer switches that permit any employee to control the ability of each and every light bulb.

Recognize that the wine, as well as beer salesperson, will offer you along with cost-free products any time feasible. This could include decorative mirrors in addition to beer decoration, glasses, cubs, as well as neon lighting, everything ideal for any club. Find away what you will be capable associated with acquiring free of charge in turn to obtain a small ale marketing as well as take total gain.

Many people love eating at restaurants at dining places and attempting new meals, but with a lot of choices, it may be difficult to determine where to eat at. Most eating fans prefer to try a number of cuisines and revel in the advantages of being anxiously waited on as well as served.

One method of finding region restaurants is always to visit the neighborhood tourist offices within the cities that you simply visit. Obviously, if you’re in your house town there is nothing like listening to directly from somebody that has tried a number of places and taken care of it on the dime. Inside a big city, you are able to wait until lunchtime and observe where all of the workers, people, and shopkeepers going for their own lunch. Odds are, if the meals or support is terrible you will not find numerous patrons walking with the front doorway.

With the actual explosion from the internet, it is simple to find restaurant directories including countless reviews as well as ratings on the city‘s top eating places.

Many of those directories have online selections with photos and costs of everything the shop owners provide. One method to easily look for a directory is with a simple search on the internet. Most individuals have smartphones nowadays and can virtually count on accessing the internet wherever to proceed or once they go presently there.

The restaurant guide or even directory is certainly what you want if you need to read the other diners say about their own experiences. No just will you’re able to hear concerning the good encounters but you will also hear what individuals don’t such as. You will be well served to check out more compared to one guide if the reviews tend to be consistent as you bad or even good rating isn’t very dependable. Most of those directories also provide links in order to downloadable cash saving coupons so that they also provide you with a chance to obtain nice discount rates and a lot of places wherever you tend to be.

Restaurant offer sites, as well as daily offer sites, will also be usually a great starting stage for discovering nice locations and intimate spots in order to dine from. An everyday deal site will often aim for that business that individuals enjoy most to enable them to sell their own coupons rapidly.

The nearby newspaper generally includes a section which discusses nearby food as well as wine topics and it is not most likely that the actual reporter will say something good in regards to a business which has bad support of offers bad meals. Also, you can try the nearby business journal in order to find an article or two about dining places or in your area favored types. A great review assists others along with a bad review could get the owner to wash up their own actions or even risk heading under quickly. Most people won’t even think about eating in a place that’s loads along with bad create ups through previous eating experiences.

While planning a wedding it is very crucial for wedding planners to emphasis more on the wedding menu as this is the only thing that guests remember even after the wedding is over. The success of the wedding event is basically judged based on the type of food served in the event. So, it is very important for the wedding planner to hire the best wedding catering services in their local area to ensure delicious and mouthwatering food in the wedding eve. To find the best wedding caterer in your local area you need to do a considerable amount of investigation and put all your efforts to book the best catering services for your wedding through position checks, interviews and food variety they offer.

There are different tricks that you need to apply to find the best wedding caterer in your local area. You need to search online and do a bit of research. You may use the internet to search for the best and top 10 catering services close to your area. You will also come across many classified ads and business listing directories where you will find some quality wedding catering services.

It is always better to create a database of all the catering service providers close to your area and evaluate their services before hiring the best among them. It is suggested to book a wedding catering company that specializes in offering mouthwatering food on wedding event as well as provide all the party needs within your budget. To ensure world-class services on the wedding day, the catering company must have capable and skillful employees who are qualified to work in tandem to make the customers satisfied and pleased with the catering services.

The good wedding catering service is the one that has the capability to put on a stretch that satisfies the needs of everyone. In your guest list, you might be having peoples who prefer to have fat-free or sugar-free food, vegan and less spicy food. So, the wedding caterer you will select must have the skills to prepare food to satisfy the needs of all guests available in the wedding event. You must hire a catering company at least 4-5 days ahead to check their service quality and to check the quality of food they serve.

Lastly, you must check for the charges against their catering services. You must prefer to compare the charges of different cantering services and book the one that fits your budget and has the skills to serve your guests with delicious food.

Whether you have just started cooking or you have been doing it for years, here are some common mistakes that you may be making in the kitchen.

Testing the food expiration by tasting:

One of the most common mistakes people make in is that they always tend to taste food to check if it is spoiled or not. If there is even a little chance that the food has gone bad you should not put it in your mouth. The bacteria that cause food poisoning can be in the food that you taste and they do not produce any odor or bad taste. Make sure that you label the food with storage date before putting it in the catering freezer so you know it’s too old by just looking at the date. If even a tiny bit of contaminated food gets in your stomach it can result in serious illness.

Using the contaminated plates:

Never put the cooked food on a plate that has been used for raw meat.  

If you have used a plate or dish to keep the raw meat, you should immediately put it in the sink so that you do not put cooked food on it, even by mistake. It may seem like a small error but it can lead to food contamination which can cause stomach problems as it can allow harmful bacteria to enter the cooked food and spoiling it. The food pathogens present in raw meat can spread easily and cause food poisoning. Make sure that you have separate plates for raw and cooked meat. You should even store them on different shelves or in catering fridges. The cutting boards should also be separate to avoid any food chance of food contamination. Always keep seafood, poultry, vegetables, and raw meats separately.

Using counters to thaw the food:

You should not use the counters to thaw the food because it can result in foodborne diseases. The counters are used for the preparation of the food so they should be completely clean. When the food is thawing it is in the danger zone because at the room temperature the food pathogens multiply at a faster rate. The food should be thawed in the refrigerator, cold water or the microwave or any other surface that is not used for food preparation.

Eating food with raw eggs:

Eating raw eggs is not a good idea because they contain harmful bacteria. People often eat the raw cookie dough which contains raw eggs. You should avoid eating raw dough and only eat the eggs that are properly cooked because the bacteria in raw eggs can get you sick.