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CBD Chocolate – the Best Part of my Bedtime Routine!

Times are a little stressful at the moment – we are living through a global pandemic with no real end in sight. The future is a tad uncertain making it hard to plan for much and forcing us to take it each day as it comes. But this sort of uncertainty breeds quite a bit of anxiety which often makes it very hard to get to sleep. This is certainly the case for me – there have been several nights where I find myself googling “best ways to help get to sleep” or “effective sleep routines.” However, during one of these searches, I came across CBD chocolate and it has been a total gamechanger! So, in this article, I want to share with you my love of CBD chocolate, why it’s been the best thing to help me sleep, and where to find the best CBD chocolate in the UK. 

CBD is the natural compound extracted from hemp or marijuana (part of the cannabis family). This association put me off at first as I am not a drug taker, but with more googling I realised that CBD is legal in the UK and does not get you high, that’s its cousin psychoactive cousin THC which is illegal. CBD, as you may have been reading over the last few months, has a ton of health benefits associated with it, such as reducing anxiety, helping you sleep and lessening any aches or pains. In the UK, CBD can come in many different formats such as CBD vaping products, CBD edibles (such as CBD chocolate and CBD gummies), and CBD tinctures amongst others. For me, CBD chocolate was the way to go and here’s why. 

I am new to the world of CBD and don’t particularly love the taste of hemp (in the UK most CBD products are made out of hemp as they contain far less THC and so are compliant with UK regulation). Hemp has a rather bitter, earthy taste to it which is rather off putting so, for me, any of the more natural ways of taking CBD such as in the oil drops did not appeal. I also don’t vape so vaping CBD was never an option and the thought of taking a CBD pill slightly scared me. So really the only option left were CBD edibles which, in the UK, mainly consists of CBD gummies and CBD chocolate. This was ideal for me as in this format the taste of the CBD should be well concealed by the taste of the edible. Also, CBD edibles tend to be lower dose and actually easier to administer the dosage given it is done per gummy or per row of chocolate. CBD edibles are also the slowest to release the CBD into your body as it has to pass through your digestive system meaning that it acts as more of a supplement so the effects are softer which I also prefer. 

But, ultimately, of all the edibles, I became the biggest fan of CBD chocolate. I’ve always had a cheeky square / row / bar 😉 of chocolate after dinner for a little sweet edge to round off the meal and so making that a CBD chocolate bar instead was the perfect upgrade to my bedtime routine. Plus, it actually worked – the chocolate reduced my anxiety and relaxed me before bed – total winner! 

My favourite brand by far is a new brand that I came across a few months ago. They sell a delicious CBD chocolate in the UK along with a plethora of other CBD products that even I have been tempted to try! Their CBD chocolate comes in milk and dark chocolate and, of all the UK CBD chocolates I have tasted, it genuinely tastes like any other chocolate! It masks the CBD perfectly for a novice like me. Also each bar is 75mg of CBD which is a nice dose as it’s not too strong. To top it off, they are a really friendly brand and have been super helpful with all my questions. They even sent a little personalised note 🙂 which never goes amiss! 

If you have heard of any other CBD chocolates in the UK that I should try, please let me know. OR, if you think there are other formats that would suit my taste buds please write your suggestions below. 



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