Community Psychology Degree

Jobs You Can Get with a Community Psychology Degree

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When you are choosing a college course, chances are a huge factor in your decision is what kind of job opportunity will follow. A lot of degrees will offer a few different career paths following graduation. The more variety a degree offers, the more beneficial it could be. Even if you wish for a more focused education, you’ll usually be given the opportunity to specialize at some stage in your studies. 


A Degree

A degree that offers some really good job options is a community psychology one. Getting an M.A. in Community Psychology will lead to plenty of options when eventually going down a career path. If you are interested in psychology, it could be the perfect course for you. But what kind of jobs will you be able to aim for the following graduation?  

Social Work 

The need for social workers is currently on the rise, meaning a degree in community psychology is highly sought after. A social worker plays a vital part in day-to-day life for those in need. There are a number of different areas that a social worker is required. 


Mental health clinics – A mental health clinic is somewhere where someone who suffers from mental health issues can seek health. Social workers are an essential part of the functionality of mental health clinics. They will help and advice any patients who require assistance. 


Schools – Schools require social workers. This is to help children who are of special needs or have learning difficulties. If you work as a social worker in a school, chances are you will be assigned to one or several students who require your assistance for the year. 


Hospitals – Social work is a big feature of hospitals. Their main responsibilities are to provide care to patients as well as informing them on illness and treatments. 


A community psychology degree can prepare you to take on counseling roles. These roles could see you work in the likes of education centers, correctional facilities, community organizations, and group homes. This role comes with a number of different roles depending on where you are working. One of their jobs is hosting frequent meetings. These can be either individual meetings or group ones. Here, you can offer advice as well as listen to those who want to be heard. You can also play a vital part in the treatment of an individual. You can advise them on methods to improve their well-being and make suggestions in regard to lifestyle change. You’ll also be given the responsibility of evaluating the progress of those you are helping. This will help the person in need grow in the right direction. 


Part of your studies will see you learn about human behavior. This is a very beneficial factor to have when fulfilling a teaching role. Understanding basic child behavior can see you teach in roles such as after-school, preschools, and charter schools. It can also lead to assistant teaching jobs, which involve planning and supervising the classroom.  

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