Simple and Creative Birthday Party Ideas to Make Your Kid Happy

Simple and Creative Birthday Party Ideas to Make Your Kid Happy

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Birthday parties – what do they remind us of? Well, they’re obviously a LOT of fun for kids and that’s perhaps the only part of it they remember. Fair enough. But what do we parents remember the most from our child’s last year’s birthday party? A LOT of work, phew!

Sad but true, that’s how close you could get to defining a party at home. Why go through all the stress when your kid’s birthday is meant to be a memory to cherish? This year, try something different. Skip going overboard with all the fancy frills and costly trimmings. Keep it simple yet creative and fun for all.

Here are some tips to plan your kid’s birthday party that’s modest, out-of-the-box, and exciting for both them and you, so that ‘you both’ have some lasting memories to share together.

How to Plan a Simple yet Creative Kid’s Birthday Party? 

Parties don’t necessarily need to be straight out of a movie screen. Your kid would be elated at the small but loving gestures that you plan to make them feel special on their day. Here are some ideas to pick up for your kids birthday party celebration:

  1. Balloons at the wake-up time – This is sure to work. Kids love balloons, won’t they? And what better way to surprise them on their birthday first thing in the morning? They’d be all over the moon. You can be as creative as you want – tie them up on their headstand or scatter them all over the room, whichever way your child likes it.
  2. Craft your own party hat – Ever wondered how much we spend on party hats and how many kids actually wear them? Most of them don’t feel comfortable with the elastic straps tightened around their neck, while the bare few who do end up with a snapped strap within seconds of wearing them. Instead, make a paper crown for your child; let them feel like a king/queen for a day. And because you’ve made it for them, they’d definitely wear it.
  3. Dress up in their favorite color – If choosing a favorite color theme seems quite daunting and expensive, try something simple, sweet and different. All you want is your child to be happy seeing their favorite color around them on their birthday, right? Just dress up in one; your child would beam at the sight of their parents wearing their favorite shade on their favorite day.
  4. Involve them in cake preparation – Cake is perhaps the only item on the party list that each child is so excited about. And yes, they’re hell expensive too. How about baking one especially for them? You can actually involve them in the process too – they’d love it. Don’t forget to let them do their favorite part – decoration. Get lots of candy, frosting, and sprinkles and let them go crazy!
  5. Create their own ‘magic’ time capsule – Forget magic shows which may be amazingly popular with kids but come very pricey. You can turn a few empty jars or boxes into your kid’s very own magic time capsule! Fill them up with pictures and little tidbits belonging to your child from their past years. Watch them having fun as they open each box to reveal the magical secret within.
  6. Make gift-giving a game – Gifts, the child’s next big sought-after item on their birthday. You could make this exciting ritual into a fun game for your kid. Hideaway all the presents at different places in the house and ask your child to find them. To make the game more interesting, leave a trail of clues all along, each leading to a gift. See their little faces light up with joy as they unravel each mystery.
  7. Spend time with them – Honestly speaking, your kid doesn’t really want all the fancy decorations and expensive gifts they ostensibly seem to be craving for on their birthday. Their biggest gift, in reality, is you spending a little time with them. If you’re working, take the day off, if possible. Plan doing all your child’s favorite activities with them that day. Watch their favorite cartoon or movie with them, play their most-loved game together.
  8. Create a goodie basket – You might be stopping them from eating too many chocolates but make an exception today. Spoil them, pamper them for a day – they’ve earned it all year long! Make a basket filled with all kinds of goodies your child loves – chocolates, candy, ice cream, and the like. Decorate it with balloons and curled ribbon. You can even hide a little gift under the goodies and ask your kid to look for it.
  9. Let them decorate – If you think decorating the house is a huge task that eats up most of your time, leave the task to your child. In fact, it’s a task for us adults; for kids, it’s the most fun activity of the day. They’d happily blow up balloons and you can show them how to tie it up and stick one to the wall. They’re fast learners too so before you realize, most of your work would be done. Ask them to use their imagination and make animals or shapes with balloons. You’d be amazed at their creative results. You can buy wholesale balloons from an online store or at any nearby local store.
  10. Write a letter to your kid – It may seem quite unconventional at first. After all, your child lives in the same house as you. But try it, you won’t be disappointed. It’s one of the best ways to make your child feel the most special on this planet. If your kid’s too small to read, don’t worry. You can still write one and preserve it in their time capsule jar. They can read it a year or two later. And if they can read now, you’d realize that you couldn’t have made them happier. 

Summing Up

These party ideas may lack the usual “party-planning techniques” followed each year. But they’re cost-effective, different and make you bond with your child. What better way to make them smile on their special day? 

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