Dental aligners

Dental aligners to get rid of that unattractive metal braces

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Earlier when you have to wear those ugly braces to correct your teeth. Now the cosmetic dentistry gives you a wide range of options to remedy your teeth without wearing those unattractive wire braces. One such option is clear aligners. These aligners can uncurl disproportionate teeth‘s. Clear aligners can flatten or rectify teeth that have crooked, spaced, tilted, crowded, etc. These aligners are not like customary braces and wires that one has to wear on teeth. The aligners consist of a series of apparent and removable tray that fits over the teeth of the patient in order to correct them. These trays are removable that is they can be removed for combing, eating, cleaning and flossing. The patient has to wear each tray for a specified time. The time varies from patient to patient. It depends on the state of the teeth. Usually, these aligners are tattered for six weeks to eighteen months.

Cosmetic dentistry has higher up to a large extent. Now cosmetic dentistry offers a wide range of options to resolve the dental issues.

The rising demand for better equipments in the dentistry has led the new inventions. Now, one can get a vast range of aligners to put right the teeth. Before there were only metal braces available but now one gets the dental aligners like invisible aligners, Inman aligners, clear aligners, etc. Teeth disarrangements are a broad subject and include cases like disorder teeth, spacious teeth‘s, overlapping teeth‘s, etc. Usually, such issues arise at a tender age. Most of the tooth problems occur during the rising age. All these issues can be sorted out with the help of advance Dental aligners. These aligners are more successful during the initial stage of dental problems. These aligners are meant to accurate orthodontic issues. There are several advantages of using modern aligners.

Clear aligners are appropriate for teeth with moderate or gentle crowding and the little gap between the teeth. It may not be appropriate for teeth‘s with acute spacing or crowding. These aligners are not effectual in treating patients with severe crossbites, underbites, and overbites. Such kind of cases demands advances orthodontic solutions. Clear aligners are more comfortable to use. The users of these aligners do not have to undergo problems associated with traditional braces. These aligners are custom made. These are fabricated as per the specification of the patient‘s need. Use of these aligners has proven very effective in treating multiple teeth‘s disorders. It is used worldwide in ortho dentistry to treat patients.

Tooth Positioners are proven methods to treat teeth abnormalities issues. The Tooth positioning concept is gaining immense popularity. This is highly used in orthodontic problems. They are used to correct mild and severe tooth irregularity problems. These are custom made clearly defined mouthpiece for the upper and lower set of teeth.

Positioners are made from a soft rubber type material, which is called silastic, and initially, it gives a unique taste but within few a days, this taste disappears. These aligners are based on the set-up methodology. This set-up is a design or model of the patient‘s actual teeth is on which some minor or major changes have been made in order to fix the teeth problem.