Disposable Plastic Bags

Know The Effective Methods To Reduce The Use Of Disposable Plastic Bags

Disposable bags became part of daily needs as they are used from carrying groceries to packing food items. These lightweight bags are introduced in 1970 to make shopping easier, but there are many disadvantages of using them as they are not eco-friendly and causing harm to the wild-life.

According to a report, 1.8 million bags are being used in America alone every week. Due to these negative effects, the government imposing regulations fees or bans on plastic bags. For these reasons, many people are opting for effective methods like using re-usable, eco-friendly bags to combat the impacts of plastic bags.

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Is regulating disposable bags necessary 

Not all people agree with the laws of fee or ban on plastic bags, but it is met with some degree resistance. Many people look for alternatives to the plastic bag that helps to reduce plastic bag use. The common alternative is increasing efforts of recycling. 

This process resolves many problems and makes plastic bags into useful material, but many recycling facilities will not accept them because the recycling cost outweighs the value. Mostly, they are thrown out with the trash. So, recycling is not a practical solution.

Facts about plastic and paper bags

  • Plastic bags take 15-1000 years to decompose based on the environment. 
  • They will break down through photo degradation that is decomposition by light exposure. With this, they will break into tiny, toxic particles.
  • Even, making paper bags releases toxins as it involves the use of high temperatures and chemicals. Also, it creates more waste in landfills and weighs 10 times more plastic bags.

In addition to these, many other facts help to understand how they impact on our planet. 

Custom reusable bags last for a long duration as you can wash and use them again and again. Moreover, they are made with recycled materials, so they will not cause any harm to the environment. Additionally, few stores even offer discounts for the customers, who bring their own bags.

Effective methods to reduce disposable bags use

According to the research conducted by a university, eliminating or reducing the plastic bags use works better with the ban of bags. 

Fee on bags is also an effective method, in case the fees are high, and then shoppers will carry their own bags instead of wasting money to purchase a new bag. With this, the goal of eliminating disposable shopping bags from the environment is achievable.

Many countries are imposing taxes or banning disposable bags in recent years to protect the environment, wildlife, oceans, and many others. A person who uses a reusable bag lifetime can eliminate 22,000 plastic bags. 

Many online stores sell reusable bags, choose the best one, and order reusable bags today to safeguard our planet from plastic.

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