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Everything You Must Know About Power BI Reports

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Make an intricate Power BI report design for simplicity and clarity! 

A Power BI report represents different insights and findings from the multi-perspective view of the data set. It can have a single visual or multiple pages that are full of visuals. Designing the reports depends on the job role. While designing, you must keep a check on the power BI report design. There are business owners who use, read, and consume such reports. 

The parts of a report from a business perspective – 

  • This report basically has six tabs or pages that you can view from the sentiment page.
  • There are a page title and five different visuals. 
  • Filter pane will show you the filter that’s applied to the report pages.
  • The power BI banner will display the report name along with the last updated date. All you need to do is choose an arrow to open the menu that will show the name of the report owner. 
  • The action bar consists of the actions that you can easily take from this report. For instance – you can easily add a comment, export data, or view a bookmark, select more options in order to reveal the list of the additional reports and their functions. 

Also, if you’re new to Power BI, you can get the right foundation by reading all the basic concepts, benchmarks, how-to, importance that’s essential for the business owners from a business perspective. The reports are available for sharing, viewing, and annotating on mobile devices. You can easily explore as much as you can. 

Advantages of Power BI reports

  • Power BI makes the report on the basis of a single dataset – There are various report designers that create visuals in order to represent the nuggets of information. However, the visuals are not very static and can update as per the underlying changes. You can easily interact with the filters or visuals as you dig deeper into the data in order to discover the insights and look for the answers. Just like the dashboard, a Power BI report is one of the highly customizable and interactive forms of discussion. The extent of what you can perform with the report is dependent on the permissions and the role assigned by the report designer. 
  • Safe interaction with the content – As you explore and interact with the content, you will learn things like slicing, filtering, exporting, and subscribing and you won’t be able to break those reports. The work doesn’t affect the underlying dataset or any of the originally shared content. This will apply to reports, applications, and dashboards. 
  • Save your changes or revert to the default settings – Another benefit of Power BI reports is that you can easily save your changes that affect the view of the content. To revert the original default view of the report, you need to select the reset to default option. 


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