Flowers For Love, Romance, and Proposals

Flowers For Love, Romance, and Proposals

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Flowers are one of the most marvellous creations of nature. Flowers are colourful, fragrant, and beautiful having an innate power to captivate the attention of the millions. Flowers are also symbolic of myriad human feelings. Happiness, gratitude, sadness; whatever you feel can be expressed with the help of flowers. But, there is one emotion that is best expressed with flowers, and that is LOVE. In nature, love blossoms in vibrant col

ours such as yellow roses, pink carnations, purple orchids, and more.

So, today we are going to see the flowers of Love, Romance, and Proposals.


  • Carnations: These ruffled beauties are downright gorgeous blooming in all shades of love–red and pink. Carnation means “ I Love You,” therefore, it is perfect to be gifted whom you want to express love– mother, wife, girlfriend. Pro tip: red carnations are the flowers of the first wedding anniversary.
  • Azaleas: Azaleas are delicate flowers found in pretty hues of pinks and purples, mostly. Azaleas are given to express both platonic and romantic love as well as a reminder to take care of the self through the tough times.
  • Alstroemeria: Alstroemeria is the flower of friendship and devotion. If you want to tell your friend that you love him or her, send Peruvillian Lilies, and it will do the trick for sure.
  • Chrysanthemums: Another flower for expressing love and affection to your friend, the striking Chrysanthemums. In Australia, they are known for Mother’s Day because of the nickname “mums.” You can send these to your mom to remind her of love.


  • Peonies: These romantic blooms represent prosperity and bashfulness. These are ideal to be gifted to someone with whom your romance is blossoming, and to tell you want the romance to continue blossoming.
  • Orchids: Orchid’s exotic appearance is associated with intimacy and dalliance. Send these to express that you wish to take your romantic relationship to the next level.
  • Roses: Do you need any explanation? Red roses are personified romantic flowers. Even a single-stemmed red rose is enough to create a conducive aura of romance.
  • Daffodils: Yellow daffodils are known to be symbolic of new beginnings. These are perfect to be gifted to a new bae, so to tell that you are excited for the start of the new phase. Plus, these are also known for good luck, which surely you need in the relationship.


  • Tulips: Tulips are romantic flowers, but red tulips are for perfect love. A bunch of red tulips is ideal to be gifted to say that you think you both are perfect for each other.
  • Irises: Purple Irises are symbolic of royalty. Giving a bunch of Irises to your lady will tell her that you will treat her like a queen, forever. During the proposal, keep these at hand.
  • Roses: Again, it’s roses. Give red roses to the lady and you will surely hear, “Yes” and nothing else. It will also remind her of your love.

Grab the right bunch of flowers to put across your feelings. Your lady will surely be touched by this gesture of yours.

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