Is it advisable for you to Use Body Lotion as Face Moisturizer?

Skin maintenance is the most important factor in one’s daily life. To keep healthy and glowing skin, people use to purchase products frequently and apply them.

Skin care routine may be expensive. So, this forces people to buy the products which are cost effective but they can give you some side effects.

Among the skin care products, body moisturizer is one of the most generally utilized healthy skin items. But most of the people utilize this product on the parts of the body where it cannot be effective, for example, the face. Face and body lotions may appear to be identical yet they are sold independently on the grounds that they fill various needs. There are motives why you should restrict yourself for utilizing body lotion from head to toe.

Dermatologist speaks that body lotion may give the side effects on people such as oily skin or cause acne. Some lotions may consist of chemicals which are extremely sensitive and only applied to the body parts below the chin.

Moisturizers are highly dependent on the qualities of your face and body skin. A face moisturizer focuses on dark spots, pores, oiliness, fine lines, and wrinkles whereas body lotion works on spider veins, firming, or cellulite.

Body lotions have denser texture to preserve and moisturize skin. Experts say that these lotions comprise of more oil, film formers and butter which can be too heavy for face.

It is observed by skin experts that using the body moisturizer on your face does not affect severely but they find that they are less effective and could not give notable results.

For various type of body, there are various fragmented lotion available in market few are Coconut body lotion and Gardenia body lotion. With your expert advice, choose one of the best body lotions that is decent for your skin type.

I am in love with gardenia. It is one of my unmatched most cherished blossom fragrances. In any case, if you have any kind of similarity just like me, then you are going to flip over the surprising Glam Body pack of Napoleon Pedis Gardenia.

There is a pair of Decadent Bath + Shower Gel and Shimmering Body Lotion provided by us. The gel is organic and consists of aloe and wheat protein for removal and softening the skin. The moisturizer which is my most loved from the two, soaks with skin. I really love the pack as a result it gives outstanding outcomes by keeping my skin healthy and glow.

This pair made by Australia has become my favorite.

LADIONE provides Organic & Natural Coconut & Almond Body Lotion which is formulated via the most premium USDA Certified Organic and All-Natural ingredients to help nurture the skin and break the dehydration and dryness.

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