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Hair transplant in Jodhpur

Hair fall is a widespread problem among people due to heredity and genetically. Heredity and genetics play a critical role in this problem of hair fall. Hair loss is also triggered by some hormones, which especially begin during the period of puberty. Even other factors or reasons like significant illnesses, surgeries, and traumatic events trigger the acute problem of hair fall. In these cases, hairs start growing of their own after some time. This situation is called temporary hair loss, which can be caused due to sudden discontinuation of birth control pills, menopause, and hormonal changes at the time of pregnancy, and childbirth. 

Sometimes, hair loss even takes place due to several medical conditions like scalp infections, thyroid disease, and alopecia areata. Different types of lupus can also cause lichens, which cause hair to fall very much. Sometimes, people use particular medications to treat depression, heart problems, high blood pressure, arthritis, and cancer; all the medicines used to treat these problems also cause hair fall. Hair loss can also be triggered by a physical or emotional shock like extreme weight loss, high fever, and death of a family member. 

How to treat Hair fall?

You can go for Hair Transplantation in Jodhpur for more permanent results. In the hair transplant process, doctors pick up the hair follicles from the denser part of the head and implant those strands on the bald area. These hair follicles are either taken individually, or the entire strip is taken and sewn into the bald area. Hair transplantation in Jodhpur, surgical treatment is the most common and advanced treatment. Hair transplantation even seems to be permanent. Once the hair follicles are taken out with roots, act as your own real hair, and these hair strands can also grow into stronger with your care and maintenance. 

What it really means?

It is the surgical process in which dermatological surgeons like Dr. Karun Agrawal moves hair follicles to the bald area of your head. A dermatological surgeon generally moves hair from the sides or back of your head to the top or front bald area of your head. Hair transplantation in Jodhpur mainly occurs in a medical office, which is under local anesthesia. 


  • Follicular Unit Excision (FUE)
  • Follicular Unit Strip Surgery (FUT)

Dr. Karun Aggarwal, a hair transplant surgeon in Jodhpur

He is also one of the best Hair Transplant Doctor in Jodhpur. All his former clients and patients claim him to be the best hair transplant doctor in Jodhpur. He is known to be the best hair transplant surgeon for hair transplant in Jodhpur. He alone can provide several treatments for hair loss in Jodhpur. He has performed several hair transplant surgeries successfully. He genuinely concerns for his patients for hair transplant in Jodhpur.  

Hair transplant in Jodhpur

By following the procedure of hair transplant, you can improve your appearance as well as self-confidence. Most people can work upon 2-5 days after the return from the operation. The price of hair transplant usually depends on the amount of hair that you want to move.  After getting the best services of hair transplant in Jodhpur, you can proudly advise your friends and other colleagues. 

However, there are some of the risks with hair transplants that includes bleeding and infection. You can talk with the doctor who had your hair transplant about these risks and can make suggestions to improve the wrong chances.

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