Who Would Hire Somebody To Put Up Their Holiday Decorations and Lights (1)

Who Would Hire Somebody To Put Up Their Holiday Decorations and Lights?

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Residents have high expectations for the holiday lighting Cape Cod businesses and homes. Putting up the holiday decorations and lights, setting up the tree, and hanging the stockings by the chimney with care has always been a personal thing for most of us. But as life gets busier for many of us, the trend has turned toward hiring this task out to a handyman.

Firemen, painters, roofers, and others in professions that work with heights have started a side business doing residential and commercial holiday lighting Cape Codand surrounding area. They will hang your Christmas decorations and string the lights on your roof, even put your Santa and eight tiny reindeer up on the roof!

Why Hire Out This Time-Honored Tradition? 

The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission reports that almost 15,000 injuries are treated in ERs across the country in 2016 alone from hanging holiday decorations and lights. That averages to more than 200 injuries a day during the month of November and December. Of those injuries, over 40% are from falling and as many as 3 people die from falling off ladders putting up the decorations and lights, of injuries involved falls.

This is all in an attempt to have the best Christmas lights Cape Cod has ever seen, every year. While many homeowners and business owners will use the same decorations and lights each year, there are some that want to go above and beyond. 

Putting up Christmas decorations and lights is often a challenge with many getting tangled or broken. Why start your holiday season off with something that is so frustrating when you can hire a professional commercial holiday lighting Cape Cod service, or a local handyman, to do it for you

The Benefits You Can Expect Hiring This Task Out

Yes, you can save money by decorating your own home or business, but wouldn’t your time be better spent taking care of other holiday tasks? Like baking, shopping, wrapping, and visiting with family and friends, simply enjoying the holiday. Some of the benefits you can expect by hiring a holiday lighting Cape Cod handyman or professional:

  1. Custom Designs

Hiring a handyman or a professional holiday lighting Cape Cod service doesn’t mean you can’t have the special theme that you had in mind. In fact, hiring somebody else to put your holiday decorations and lighting, they will be able to bring additional ideas and visions that accent your plans.

  1. New and Professional Decorations and Lighting products

The specialty decorative lights that a professional commercial holiday lighting Cape Cod uses are not found in your local big box stores. Even the local handyman you may hire will have access to professional-grade decorations and lights.

  1. Safety first

The average homeowner or business owner may not have ladders that are tall enough to complete a holiday decorating and lighting plan. But your local handyman or a professional will have the proper equipment, including various sizes of ladders. And they will ensure that your electrical cords are safe as well as the décor and lights that plug into them.

  1. Maintenance provided

When you hire out your holiday decorating and lighting, the handyman or professional service will usually provide maintenance, including replacing burned out lights or securing Santa and his sleigh on the roof should a big wind loosen him.

  1. Professional removal, storage, and clean-up

After the holidays are over, taking the lights and decorations down is never fun. By hiring this task out, they will take down the decorations, pack them up, and if you opt to use their decorations and lights, they will store them. This saves you money, time, and space!

Final Thought

Keep in mind that by hiring this holiday task out, you not only can look forward to having the best Christmas lights Cape Cod has ever seen, but you’ll have more energy and time to do the fun things. Like baking, shopping, wrapping, and most of all, enjoying the holidays by visiting with family and friends.